My KickStart Experience, by Chloe Wright

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Heard about our new KickStart ‘build it for me’ service yet? Fancy giving it a try? Chloe Wright did, and she was so chuffed with her new website that she felt the need to write a little story about her experience, what with her being a writer and all.


If you don’t already know, we’ve launched a new ‘build it for me’ service called KickStart. In a nutshell, it goes like this: you tell us about your big idea and what you want your site to look like, we get a copywriter and designer from our new KickStart creative team to build it for you, then you take control once it’s finished, uploading content and making changes whenever you need to.


Chloe Wright was one of the first to give it a whirl. She was after a website that would provide the foundation for her to showcase her writing skills and experience over time, adding details on each new project as and when it happened. And she was so pleased with the result that she thought she’d do what she does best – write about it…


Over to Chloe:


“Now, I wouldn’t say I’m technologically inarticulate, but I am definitely not skilled enough to build my own website, nor do I have the patience to learn. I wanted a site that I could make changes to whenever I wanted; I could add pictures, edit text and generally allow my space to evolve. I needed someone who could, and Moonfruit offered the ideal service. KickStart.


After communicating with the Moonfruit team and getting all the practicalities out of the way I was asked to brief them on what I wanted from my site. This was where my ideas and specifications came into play. I got to choose my own colours, fonts, what contact information I wanted to supply. I was able to choose what my website was going to be called and provide any art that I wanted it to feature. This was all done from the comfort of my own settee with a cup of tea in hand. What could be better?


Once all my preferences and information was collected I was given an estimate as to when my website would be ready and emailed again when it was. Just like that was born. At this point I was able to state any changes or modifications if I required them. However the site was just how I wanted it, Moonfruit’s job was complete and the site was signed over to me.



people kickstart madewithmoonfruit webdesign


My website offers a helping hand to writers stuck in a writing rut, as well as acting as somewhere for me to display my own fiction. In order for this to work the site needed to be friendly yet professional and that’s what Moonfruit have done, I got the striking website I wanted. isn’t a medieval labyrinth either; the tabs are there for visitors upon arrival – it is so beautifully simple.


Making a website in this way, for me, was fantastic. Sending my information was easy; I will admit that in the beginning I was a little hesitant to send links to my social media, particularly my blog because whilst it is there for the entirety of the internet to feast its eyes upon, it is quite a personal space for me. But I bit the hypothetical bullet and sent everything that I thought would benefit the process and I’m glad that I did. As long as you know how to attach a document and you know what you want to do, I would say you are good to go.


Communication with the Moonfruit team was great. They were quick to reply to any questions or queries I had; they really wanted to get it right and were keen for me to be honest if I was not pleased with – quite frankly – anything. They understood exactly what I wanted and this is demonstrated through my site. I would definitely recommend their service to anyone else wanting a professional website; I could not be more pleased with mine.”


Interested? Find out more about KickStart in our recent blog post or go straight to the KickStart website to get stuck in


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