Made with Moonfruit: How Teafields takes on the big boys with SEO


Eye-catching website designs and content are great for capturing a visitor’s attention, but how do you rank highly on search engines in a crowded marketplace?

Fine tea sellers and Moonfruit customers Teafields have a tea-rrific (yikes) range of products, a good story promoting their ethical business and supplier chain, and a beautiful website that’s easy to navigate.

Trouble is, when you’re up against heavy hitters with a similar proposition like Whittards of Chelsea, you’ve got to have your SEO in good nick for visitors to see you on the first (and most important) search engine page.

Darjeeling Happy Valley Tea Estate

Using keywords such as ‘buy tea online’ or even ‘buy loose leaf tea’ may be highly searchable, but will it usurp household brands with masses of fresh content and back-links such as Twinings from the upper echelon?

Teafields here goes for ‘loose leaf tea supplier’ in their page title and appearing across their content. Where does this term put them? High on page one.

Okay, ‘loose leaf tea supplier’ isn’t quite as high a search term as ‘buy tea online’ according to Google Keyword Planner but it’s still popular enough to see a good amount of business going their way.

Achieving good SEO is often a judgment call between choosing terms that are relevant to the product, service or interest and what is likely to jump above what’s already out there.

For a bit more to help you along the way, check out our guides and videos for more on making the most of your SEO.

You can also build your site for free with Moonfruit – see our templates or start a fresh one from scratch.

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7 Responses to “Made with Moonfruit: How Teafields takes on the big boys with SEO”

  1. SCOTT

    Teafields arnt taking on anyone with SEO because they dont even rank top for their own company name!

    • Marcel Reinard

      Hello Scott,

      On both Google and Bing the search term ‘Teafields’ ranks number one. Could you explain what you mean please?


  2. Verkkotaikuri

    Scott is right.

    You should always use a neutral keyword analysing tool instead of just checking with your own browser since Google especially shows individual search results based also on your previous browsing history.

    • Marcel Reinard


      We use the neutral keyword SERP analysis tool from Moz and generic privacy browsing using and Bing search engines, which all rank Teafields as number one. Results are not based on previous browsing history but on the UK, rather than the more US focused results.

  3. Bob Rainbow

    Excuse my 100% ignorance as a newcomer, but you keep talking about “Keywords.” What is meant by “Keywords?” Is it a phrase in the body of the main text on a given page; or the title box within that page; or is it the name of the link on the Homepage that you click to get to a given subpage?


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