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Colombian hostel Yambolombia

Whatever language the text is in, think intelligently about how other language speakers could navigate your website.

We love meeting customers and it’s extra special when touched with serendipity.

An eagle eyed Moonfruit staffer spotted the above Yambolombia youth hostel sign on his summer travels through Salento, Colombia (check out the URL).

Yambolombia youth hostel, Colombia

Their website reflects their natural holiday spot with an adventurous edge. And while  non-Spanish speakers may struggle to understand some of the content at first, Yambolombia cleverly uses images, a video and simple pricing page so it’s relatively easy to find what they offer.

So, when creating your own business website (like a free one with Moonfruit), consider making your proposition visually clear and text simple so anyone can work out what you do and how to buy your product or service.

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