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Bad Boy Chilli Co. founders Paul Colledge and Dean Wheeler started out as ‘two-green fingered friends with a passion for chillies, cooking and beer’, but not content with just eating the fiery stuff, they decided to turn their love of spice into a hot new business too.


This isn’t any old chilli sauce we’re talking about though. The boys’ ‘mashes’ are an altogether chunky and hearty affair, ready to use as a dip, marinade or even a savoury jam for your toast!


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Owing to Cornwall’s short growing season, the company imports the lion’s share of its chillies from their countries of origin. This way we felt we could produce individual varieties of chilli mash that came from all over the world.


With hundreds of different varieties out there, each chilli has a distinct flavour suitable for different cuisines – Naga chillies pack a punch in Indian-style curries, Bird’s Eye chillies suit pan-asian cookery and the old Scotch Bonnet puts a bit of ‘Jamaica’ in your Caribbean-style dishes, Paul and Dean say.


people madewithmoonfruit webdesignBad Boy Chilli Co. spice masters Paul and Dean (left), alongside a customer (a little taken aback) at a pop-up tasting event.


The company is also pioneering its very own home-grown chillies, known as the Kernow Gold Label. We have it on good authority the new brand will be ready around Christmas time, so keep an eye out if you want to give this year’s turkey an interesting new kick…


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And if you’re not lucky enough to be based in sunny Cornwall, where the company’s product is stocked in a number of food shops, visit their online shop to pick up a spicy preserve of your own.


Find Bad Boy Chilli Co. at: or on Twitter and Facebook.


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