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people madewithmoonfruit webdesign

Wall graphics aren’t the most common way to decorate your home, but that could change if Cut It Out get their way.


Coming from a team of budding graphic designers, their wall graphics are suitably creative and range from a moose stag head for the living room to dreamy quotes for the bedroom.


All fully customisable, the team promise that once you’ve applied their matt vinyl stickers to your wall, you’ll be convinced that they were painted on.


people madewithmoonfruit webdesign


Their ‘about us’ page tells visitors about the team behind the scenes and outlines just how much work and thought goes into producing the high-quality graphics.


For visitors looking to buy, the team has thoughtfully demystified how to (very easily) apply the graphics with a user-friendly video and step-by-step guide.


people madewithmoonfruit webdesign


We really like the site’s bold branding and easy-to-navigate homepage which has the stickers categorised into easy-to-access groups. To have a look for yourself go to


You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google +.


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