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Home and Tribe is an online collection of modern, hand-crafted homewares and textiles with a ‘bohemian heart’. The site stood out to us for its striking product photography, strong brand identity and well-stocked shop.


It was while on maternity leave from her ‘day job’ (in the tourism industry) that Briana Cunningham decided to set up the creative project she’d always dreamed of. ‘I thought this was the perfect time to give it a go and put my thoughts into action’ she says.


The result was Home and Tribe,  an online shop full to the brim with handmade gifts, jewellery and home accessories. Briana even sources some of her products from indigenous tribes around the world and – in line with the company’s Fair Trade policies – a percentage of sales goes back into funding creative handicraft charities around the globe.


Winning Credentials


Despite being a relative newcomer to Moonfruit, Briana has already managed to craft a distinctive brand identity, both through her website and social media channels.


”I get a lot of visits to the sites from Pinterest and I think visual Social Media will continue to be a huge and growing area”


From the moment you land on the Home and Tribe site, you’re struck by the bright product photography featured throughout – from the ‘New Collection’ collage that takes the main focus of the homepage to the individual images in the shop – each item is photographed flatteringly and creatively, showcasing them to their full potential.


Pssst! When we quizzed Briana on her photography techniques, she let us in on her trade secrets. Well, kind of… ‘Two sheets of white cardboard, an i-Pad, some great photo apps for stitching pictures together and lots of playing around.’ There you have it!


people madewithmoonfruit homewares


When it comes to the shop, Briana’s got things super organised. Having  lots of product categories makes it easy for customers to search quickly for what they’re after. Quick links from the homepage make this even easier.


Products featured in the shop are photographed from different angles, which gives customers a realistic idea of what they’re buying – we’ve all been on the receiving end of a purchase that looks nothing like it did on the website, right?


The product descriptions are just as detailed too, giving specific size, material, colour, and production information.


people madewithmoonfruit  homewares


Briana says it’s imperative for her business to be active across on social media channels, which is why she includes prominent links on her homepage. ’It’s important to not just shout about my products (which can get very boring) so I blog about trends, products, what I love and, Instagram pics of things I see in daily life that inspire me’.


How long have you been with Moonfruit?

‘I started using Moonfruit at the end of last year (2012) and played around with the functionality to ensure that – as a complete novice – it was easy to use. A colleague at work recommended Moonfruit, so thought I would give it a try.’


As a Moonfruit beginner, where did you look for help on getting started?

‘I’ve definitely referred back to the forum for hints and tips and watched video tutorials, which I found really helpful. It’s helped answer 99% of my questions and the ‘submit a query’ function is really handy, fast and responsive’.


What are your favourite features of Moonfruit’s SiteBuilder?

‘The homepage design, shop layout and HTML optimisation for mobile. My site was originally built in v5 but I made the decision to rebuild it in v6 as I wanted to optimise viewing for mobile devices – 60% of my customers are viewing via tablet devices. It took me about three hours to rebuild and was well worth it. It looks 100% better.’


What are the advantages of having your own online shop?

‘I love having total control and being able to add my own personality to the website. I can change the look and feel and stock control is easily managed through Moonfruit. Plus there are no selling commission fees!’


What are people’s responses to your site?

‘All positive so far – a lot of my friends are amazed I’ve managed to do this by myself (laughs).’


How would you sum up Moonfruit in five words?

‘Bringing my business to life!’


Visit Briana’s site at: or find her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.


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