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Category: Textiles

Style: Bold and bright

Standout features: The colourful, attention-grabbing homepage


Linzi Hannam, the brains behind the online textiles store, launched her website back in 2009 after starting a selling partnership with designer fabric company Clarke and Clarke. Now, with a much larger range, including the coveted Liberty art prints, Linzi selects each and every one of the fabrics you find on her site by hand.


people madewithmoonfruit webdesign


Her fabrics are used by a range of customers for a variety of things, from home décor and crafts to tablecloths and dress making.


We love Linzi’s bright and colourful homepage which is an amalgamation of the different fabrics available. Each image is clickable, taking you through to that particular collection in the shop – handy for users in a hurry.


people madewithmoonfruit webdesign

Going through to the shop page is just as easy though, where users can search for their fabrics in a number of ways thanks to Linzi’s categories; by designer, craft or design, making it a doddle to find what you’re after.


Linzi’s next venture? She’s in the process of setting up sewing workshops – a great way to promote her business and products.


Find out more on her Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages.




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