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Little Lost Soul homepage

‘Painter, printer, designer, maker, stitcher and general tinkerer’ – Lancaster-based artist Lucy Pass wears many hats.

The benefits of this diverse skill-set become clear when you take a look around the new Little Lost Soul v6 website (home to Lucy’s clothing and accessories designs).

Little Lost Soul products

Little Lost Soul was established by Lucy in 2012 as an extension of her work as a freelance artist. She adapts the geometrical and block-colour shapes from her paintings and applies them to a range of textiles, including t-shirts, scarves, cushions, and collars.

Each item is handmade in her studio using a range of techniques, from ‘block printing’ to embroidery. The website is equally well-crafted, using the same muted hues (grey, black, charcoal) as her products and with a custom triangular-themed menu.

Behind the scenes of Little Lost Soul

When Lucy’s not working her design magic, you can also find her modelling her products on the site too – truly a lady of many talents!

For a closer look at the Little Lost Soul site, visit: and for more on Lucy’s work as an artist, check out her other Moonfruit site:

You can also find her on: Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

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