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Pinnell Productions is a radio imaging and audio production company that creates everything from radio jingles to audio documentaries. Their website stood out for its slick design, great slideshow and impressive audio features.


It came to our attention recently that there’s a huge range of Moonfruit sites that fall under the ’services’ category – we’ve come across everything from a video-scribing and whiteboard animation company to a ukulele-wielding vocal-harmony trio.


Winning Credentials


Pinnell Productions is the brainchild of Ian Pinnell. We already knew how popular Ian’s website was with the wider Moonfruit community after he won our Facebook Head to Head battle a few weeks ago, where a number of you commented on just how professional the site looked with its clean design and clutter-free pages.




Apparently, the thing that Ian’s often asked about on his website is the slideshow on the homepage. He used Bannersnack to design the slideshow (which plays on a loop for maximum exposure) to welcome visitors and outline the services he offers.


people madewithmoonfruit webdesign


Adding to the professional look is Ian’s consistent colour scheme which, he says, stemmed from his logo. ‘The purples, silvers and blacks were a good starting point for my design process. After sorting this out, everything else seemed to flow’.


Another snazzy feature is the inclusion of the Soundcloud audio players. As audio editing is his specialism, he was keen to showcase some of his work on his homepage and so added two showreels using Soundcloud’s embedding feature. Soundcloud’s tools allow you to customise the players, so he was able to make them fit with the rest of his site.


people madewithmoonfruit webdesign


Ian’s ‘Services’ page outlines the full list of services he offers, from radio imaging to production music, and presents detailed information on each service with downloadable brochures, booking forms and audio demos. This was the first page Ian designed. ‘I knew this would form the design for a large proportion of the website (aside from the homepage) so the following pages would stick to the same layout – text to the right, then either a picture or audio to the left.’


Over to Ian Pinnell, founder of Pinnell Productions:


Now we know the vitals about his site, we asked Ian a few questions about his experience using Moonfruit.


How long have you been with Moonfruit?

‘I’ve been using Moonfruit since 2006 – I looked at and tried other website makers in the market, but the tools offered by Moonfruit were, for me, the easiest to use, and overall it’s been a really great site maker to use.’


How easy was the design process for you?

‘Very easy, once I got the main numbers down like the size I wanted the site to be and so on. Once I started to design, I really got into the swing of the new HTML5 features in the v6 software, and I’m sure there’s still more that I’m yet to discover. For me, it’s a case of experimenting, seeing if things work, and constantly changing the design until everything fits.’


What are your favourite features of Moonfruit’s website builder?

‘HTML5! I took the plunge and rebuilt my site in the new Moonfruit v6 software and love the fact that my website looks the same on smartphones and tablets as it does on a computer. It means my clients, and any potential new clients, can view my website wherever they are, and contact me from anywhere!’


Anything else to add?

‘I like the community spirit with Moonfruit – having a good community of people to talk to and share ideas with is great. I also like the way we can interact with the Moonfruit team on Facebook and post questions there, and how everyone helps each other out.’
Check out Ian’s site for yourself: or find him on Facebook and Twitter


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