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Category: Portfolio

Style: Colourful and compact

Stand out features: Hand-drawn illustration


Charlotte Done is no stranger to working creatively, as one third of Moonfruit design collective The Make District she can often be found passing on her knowledge to other artists and makers.


Her first love though, is Strange Bird Designs – a small studio business she founded to encompass her work as a freelance illustrator, designer and maker.


people madewithmoonfruit artandesign


Since launching ‘Strange Birds’ on the back of a tea cosy range four years ago, Charlotte’s output now includes; handmade bags, ‘creature kits‘ (DIY sewing packs) and brooches, all featuring her original off-beat designs.


As she explains on her site,What brings all my work together is a love of colour, odd creatures, retro designs and natural lines.


people madewithmoonfruit artanddesign


Check out Charlotte’s work for yourself at: or follow her creative pursuits on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.


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