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Yoga in Greenwich

Need some Zen in your life? Yoga in Greenwich has it covered. Based in South East London and run by experienced instructor Claire Tredgett, Yoga in Greenwich offers relaxing dynamic-flow classes for all.


From complete beginners to ‘experienced yogi’, Claire adopts an encouraging and nurturing style of teaching, owing to her belief that ‘one style of yoga does not fit all’.


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A yoga teacher for 10 years, she also offers a range of pre and post-natal classes and has a separate Moonfruit site dedicated to these parental classes, Yumi Yoga.


people madewithmoonfruit webdesign yoga


We first came across Claire’s site during January’s Health and Fitness Month, when its clean design and striking photography caught our eye.


The site uses the new v6 ‘Mix & Match‘ template and Claire has kept its block design for laying out content in neat and easy to understand sections. It’s a great example of how you can get a Moonfruit website up and running quickly with one of our templates, but still give your site a stamp of individuality with the content you include.


We’re probably slightly biased, but we think the Yoga in Greenwich site could inspire any couch potato to give yoga a go!


Visit the website at:


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