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Small Berrey

Michelle Allberrey is a collage illustrator, someone who loves ‘cutting up bits of paper and sticking them down to make silly, childish pictures’ (her words, not ours!) Her shiny new v6 website shows off her work brilliantly.

Her collages cover everything from recreations of famous works of art and music album covers, to self-portraits and cute cartoon designs. We even spotted a few of the famous Harry Potter characters among them (Ron’s our favourite, who’s yours?)

Small Berrey Balloons

We’re big fans of the gallery Michelle used to display said art pieces. We like the scrolling leaves that tie in nicely with the collage style and the images are just the right size for us to have a proper nose around.

Michelle’s site also offers visitors a sneak peek into her studio, which she says is never as tidy as it is in the pictures. Either way, it’s great for visitors to check out where her creative ideas come together.

Want to get to know more about Michelle? Find her on: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogspot and Flickr, go and give her a follow.


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