Moonfruit Interview: Penny Lane’s fashion photography tips – Part 2

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Last week we gave readers a glimpse into life as a fashion and lifestyle blogger, with our interview featuring Penny Lane. In Part 2 of our feature, Penny shares her tips for great fashion photography, including the importance of lighting and taking ace pics with a smartphone.

What equipment do you use to take the photos that appear on
The images are very often taken on my iPhone when I’m attending launches or events. The quality is great for Tweets and Instagram updates. However, for photographs used within articles, the big Canon SLR comes out.

How important is lighting when it comes to capturing the right shots?
In the winter months it’s often hard to get good shots because natural daylight is the best way to get a great picture. So plan your day accordingly and get those images taken and uploaded before sunset. Softbox lighting is also really helpful to create a beautiful image, when those grey skies don’t cut the mustard. Amazon have the best offers on professional lighting.


The Style Lane Street Style

Do you use any photo editing software for your pictures?
I regularly use the editing software that comes with Mac computers to adjust the exposure, contrast and temperature of each shot. Little tweaks can transform a dull shot into something much more appealing to the eye. For more in depth editing I use Photoshop and InDesign for creative layout designs.

What are the most important photography tools you need to get started in fashion blogging?
Ideally, a smartphone with a good camera for capturing shots on-the-go. There’s nothing more annoying than seeing something brilliant on your travels, only to miss the opportunity. Also, a compact camera or SLR from a good brand such as Canon or Nikon. The rest is all down to your creative flair. Just make sure you’re near to a window for the best lighting.


The Style Lane Street Style LFW

The composition of your photos is incredible. How do you come up with your ideas for the photos? Do you plan everything before, or just start shooting and see where it leads?
For photographs of cosmetics, food and homewares, capturing the shot from directly above creates a cool look every time. Planning goes into the arrangement, but often changes when the styling needs something extra.

Can you use a smartphone for photography if you are just starting out? If so, do you have any favourite smartphone apps you use for blogging? Absolutely! Smartphones and their cameras are so great now that there are no limitations to when and where you get your images and inspiration. My favourite apps for editing and making creative layouts are Photoshop Express, Frametastic, Instasize and Over.

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