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“From a young age I dreamed of owning my own company – I was always being creative, both in an artistic sense and in trying to make money. I used to set up a pretend shop and sell my unwanted things to my sister and her friends,” says Rebecca Winter, founder and creative director of RawXclusive Ltd, a homeware and gift brand featured regularly in the press.

Keen to be an entrepreneur from a young age, Rebecca says her inspiration came from her grandfather who ran his own exhibition and graphic design company: “I loved going there and was always given lots of exciting things to take away with me.”

Another passion of Rebecca’s is drawing and she chose to study Textile and Surface Design at university, where she learned how to use her drawings and designs in a commercial way. And so the idea for RawXclusive was born.

Tell us how you started RawXclusive

“RawXclusive was formed in a spare bedroom at my mum’s house. It then expanded to the dining room, numerous other bedrooms, and then the kitchen. After virtually taking over the whole house, it was time to leave as the business was growing larger than the house could cope with. This was a couple of years ago and in the short space of time since, RawXclusive Ltd has become a fully-fledged company with an office and studio.”
Chicken cushionCountry Collection: Chicken Cushion

How has the company grown?

“We now have more than 140 stockists, both in the UK and internationally, and our product range is nearing 200. We are currently working on some exciting new designs and are very excited to be finalising our Spring/Summer 2013 collection ready to launch in January.”

What’s your USP?

“Everything is designed, printed and manufactured in the UK. We also offer a bespoke service covering the full production process from design to completion, giving customers the opportunity to have something completely unique and personal to them.”

We noticed you were featured in Country Homes & Interiors Magazine. What other press coverage have you achieved?

“Our products have featured in a number of local, national and international magazines such as Living ETC, House & Garden, Red, Vogue, Grazia, Now, Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms, and Marie Claire.

Our products have also featured on popular prime-time TV shows such as Alan Carr Chatty Man, Gok’s Fashion Fix, Celebrity Big Brother, Sarah Beeny’s Double your House for Half the Money and Rihanna’s Styled to Rock.

I won the Natwest Best New Business Award back in 2007 and more recently I won Theo Paphitis’ Small Business Sunday award, a Twitter competition in which Theo rewards small businesses that tweet him and describe their business in one tweet. It was very exciting to be selected, and I was lucky enough to meet the man himself earlier this year and receive a certificate and a photo.”
Foxy PairPlacemats: A Foxy Pair

Do you have a favourite product?

“Now this sounds a bit cliché but I really do love all of our products. A lot of time and energy goes into each and every one, so you really do grow to love them. The best-sellers at the moment are the animal prints – our customers love the quirky sayings with the colourful designs. We are also selling a lot of mugs and purses; they make fantastic stocking fillers and are great value for money.”

How has being able to create and manage your own website benefited you?

“We wanted to create a simple yet functional website that showcased our products and company exactly how we envisaged it should be. We also wanted complete control over changing the content and billing. Moonfruit has allowed us to do all of this and more.”

Do you have any tips for other business owners setting up Moonfruit sites?

“Don’t be scared of doing something wrong, Moonfruit is designed so anything can be changed quickly and easily, which is great.

Use the templates. There are so many great designs to choose from, it will also stop the whole ‘white paper’ and ‘where to start’ syndrome!

Use the forums. If you have a problem or a query you can guarantee someone else will already have an answer for you.”

What’s the future for RawXclusive?

“To take over the world, naturally.”

Visit the RawXclusive website.

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