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The next featured customer who shone in our TV ad is James Kennedy – an entrepreneur who successfully turned his hobby into a business. He chatted to us about what made him become his own boss and trying to keep a straight face on camera…


James loves to make city bikes.


No, not £5,000 beasts more suited to conquer Mordor’s Mount Doom, nor cheap ‘fixie’ knock-offs that make a disconcerting clickety-clack sound when the wheels rotate. As he puts it: “We make our bicycles to order with the purpose of putting more people in the city streets, riding and loving it the same way we do.”


people madewithmoonfruit keenedycitybicycles


Launched bang in the middle of 2013 – serendipitously when the UK got one of its best summers in years – Kennedy City Bicycles extends what James was already doing in his spare time.  “I began as a hobbyist, building bicycles for fun and passing them on to friends. After a disappointing search for a first bike for my fiancé, I realised there was a hole in the market for high quality and good value city bicycles,” he said.


“A year later I worked out I could build bikes that would earn me enough money to pay the rent so I quit my job immediately and Kennedy City Bicycles was born.”


people madewithmoonfruit kennedycitybicycles


Today, he prides his business on its ‘openness, honesty and being entirely without bull****’.  He adds: “Besides occasional forays into the world of pop-up shops, the site is where we do almost all of our business. It’s our window on the world, without it we’d be nothing.”


As for the Moonfruit ad: “It was hilarious being filmed. The crew was dead nice – there were 21 of them in our workshop, which made for quite a crowd! It was a great atmosphere though and it took a lot of energy to keep a straight face when it came to the actual filming.


people maewithmoonfruit kennedycitybicycles


“Plus Huxley (our great dane) insisted on playing with each and every one of them individually until eventually sitting on one of their laps and pinning her to the sofa.”


Catch James in our TV ad here,




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