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Anthony, who has worked in the fitness industry for ten years, has been running his own personal training business, Breathe Fitness for six years. During this time he has built up an impressive clientele list and regularly features in the media. Anthony’s Moonfruit journey began 2 ½ years ago when his original personal training website, which had been built by his brother, needed updating and he decided to take matters into his own hands.


Anthony came across Moonfruit thanks to a recommendation, and was pleased to see that it offered everything and more that he needed from a D-I-Y website builder. His design ideas for Breathe Fitness stem from years of seeing other sites and noting what worked and what didn’t, taking small features that he liked and putting them together to create his own original design. Anthony didn’t use any of our pre-built templates, choosing instead the blank page option and preferring to do the design and building himself. He liked the fact that Moonfruit allows you to place an object anywhere on a web page, commenting that other website builders he previously visited prevented users doing this and were much more limited in terms of features.


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Due to the success he had at building his fitness website through Moonfruit, Anthony then decided to rebuild his photography site with Moonfruit too, claiming it seemed the logical step to take after his personal training one looked incredible. Anthony is still working on his photography site and highlighted that what started out as a hobby has now turned into a lucrative second business, helping to bring in an additional source of income!



people madewithmoonfruit webdesign


Anthony readily admits that the community within Moonfruit has been very helpful when it came to first setting up his sites, confirming that he has entered the forum quite a few times to find help with certain features of the design process. What impressed him the most about our support section was the speed at which both the Moonfruit team and the wider community helped him with any hurdles that he encountered.


One of the most inspiring things about Anthony’s experience with us is the feedback he has received about the Breathe Fitness site. He states that he has had copious numbers of clients sign up with his business purely on the basis that they felt his site looked the most professional. He has also been inundated with other personal trainers asking him to help them build their sites as they were so impressed with what he has created. Anthony is very proud of both of the websites he has created with Moonfruit, and rightly so, check them both out here at and


people madewithmoonfruit webdesign


On a final note, how would Anthony sum up his Moonfruit experience? He declares that without Moonfruit, his business would not be the success it is today and his reputation as a leading personal trainer in London is reflected by the professionalism of his site. He’s told us that if we keep the good work coming, he’s officially a customer for life!


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