“I went for what I love, not what I could make out of it financially” says Stefan Saigau

“Someone told me the other day that I get in people’s brains” says Stefan Saigau, a London-based personal trainer.

You can kind of see what they meant in this video we shot recently during one of his sessions, where the poor, exhausted client had to complete her exercise class with us filming in the background. She didn’t seem to mind though.

Stefan has been a personal trainer for 13 years. In this video interview he tells us how he took his love for coaching friends and turned it into a successful business, about the struggles and proudest moments, and how having a Moonfruit site enabled him to ditch his early business promotion strategy of carrying a thick folder and resume around with him (gaining an army of clients along the way).

He also talks about how, after having a successful DIY site with Moonfruit for some time, he later decided to have our KickStart team build one for him.

To visit his site go to

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