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Maggie Taylor

With its candy-themed graphics and colouring, you’d be forgiven for thinking SugarFix Creative was something to do with cakes. Creator Maggie Taylor acknowledges this with a smile: “We don’t make cakes, but we do create great cake websites!”

“From an early age I knew I wanted to promote and design things. I would make posters for car boot sales for family members and I remember being astounded by how clever the marketing world was,” she says. “I started working at 16 and was lucky enough to work in a very adaptable role where I grew my skills and over the years gained my marketing qualifications. I have always loved my profession and my passion for it grows every day.”

Maggie has 18 years’ experience in a wide range of sectors, including a major CAD (Computer Aided Design) company and a successful marketing agency in London. “With today’s technology the possibilities for businesses are endless and it excites me to have all that creativity and be able to share it, seeing my passion and ideas come to life.”

Brand designBrand design: logos and business cards created by SugarFix

Maggie’s idea for her business grew from a process of trial and error. “At first I wanted to create a graphic design studio as well as a photography and music studio, all under one roof. However, after doing some serious market research that idea proved unviable in seaside Torquay, so I followed my one true love of marketing and design and SugarFix was born.”

Moonfruit was an exciting discovery for Maggie when she first launched her business in March earlier this year. “Moonfruit is amazing. I was very excited to discover a platform where I could easily build my own website exactly as I envisaged, without the expense of a dedicated web programmer.”

Design was obviously a very important factor for Maggie’s site, so we quizzed her on how she found the whole process. “It was amazingly simple. There are so many templates to choose from and they’re all so easy to adapt. Even when you use a blank template, creating and getting a site live is no problem. I had a colour scheme in mind and already had a logo created, so when I saw a template that was close to my colour scheme I just adapted that one. It has grown from there and looks nothing like it did originally.”

WebdesignWeb design: sites designed by Sugarfix

Favourite Moonfruit features

“I like being able to have multiple galleries on the same page – it’s great for creative types with a lot to showcase. But I think the ease of creating a shop is my favourite, especially since the introduction of the new shop features. In the future I’d love to be able to include sliding banners – that would be fantastic, especially for them to link to specific pages and other content.”

So how would Maggie sum up her Moonfruit experience? “Moonfruit made it so easy for me. I love that you can press ‘save’ at any time and walk away from your site with the ability to pick up from where you left off. I know that I have a site I can be proud of, as well as one that’s really easy to update.”

Have a look at Maggie’s site here

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Maggie has been a keen member of our community ever since joining Moonfruit earlier this year and points out how helpful being able to speak to other Moonfruiters has been. “When I started SugarFix in March I needed to build my portfolio, so I offered my services on the forum and received a great response. People still get in touch even now having seen that post.”

A few months later Maggie entered and won both our Site of the Week and Site of the Month competitions and in September took part in our Mumpreneur Month and editorial feature – our way of celebrating and sharing the success stories of some of our Moonfruit Mumpreneurs.“It provided great support and was very inspirational” she says.

So there you have it – Maggie has clearly been bitten by the community bug and is fully embracing the opportunities to interact both with us and other Moonfruit users.

If you’d like to get into the community spirit like Maggie, keep an eye on our blog and Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr pages for ways to get involved.

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