Before we launch into a new season of exciting product releases (really watch this space for a radical overhaul!) and new fun and games. We thought we'd reflect on what a crazy summer it's been. The Twitter campaign we ran in early July sparked a huge amount of interest across the globe with over 200 blogs and articles written in everything from the Wall Street Journal, FT and Forbes magazine in the traditional press through to Techcrunch and Mashable leading the way online.

It has also been interesting to see the varied responses from different parts of the world. For example the US press were much more positive about the campaign, while the UK press focused more on the controversy and ethics of the campaign.

But what was interesting was that few articles really picked up on all the creative entries and enormous amount of time, love, humor and fun participants generated during the campaign. This was obvious in a conference we spoke at last week about marketing on Twitter where many of the experts and delegates told us there were totally unaware of the creative part of the campaign and felt it had been under reported.

For us this was the most exciting and rewarding part of the campaign, where we got to really engage with the Twitterverse and see your playfulness and good humour come out in bizarre and wonderful interpretations of our brand. With over 500,000 tweets, 3000+ images, 500+ videos, and many songs, poems and even crochets birds created by you during these 7 days, this really made the campaign what it was.

We are grateful to all participants, new subscriptions increased by 20% during the summer so we must be doing something you like! We will continue to ensure we keep innovating, provide good service and add a little humour and creativity to everything we do.

So for all of those that missed it, we thought we'd summarise these wonderful contributions one more time. This is by no means exhaustive, but gives a good taste of what was done.


Just a few (hundred) of the many awesome pictures you guys sent in, THANKYOU!

Creative Competition Pictures



Youtube Preview


So there you have it. We're still beavering away on new product features and a radical overhual of the Moonfruit tools, to be released next month. And maybe, just maybe we may call on you again with some Twitter based madness...