As many of you know, there's been lots of talk about HTML5 being the standard for web development of the future. The exciting thing about HTML5 is that it allows the kind of design customisation (embedded fonts, vector drawing, etc.) that in ye old days was only possible using Flash. Design is very close to our hearts here at Moonfruit, so Flash was our original choice of technology precisely because it could create the kind of visually stunning sites that we liked and that we knew you would like.

But times, they are a changin'. Now that HTML5 has the design capabilities to match the richness of Moonfruit websites, and has a wide enough adoption (it is only viewable in the most modern browsers), we're ready to take it on! As you know we've been working in HTML5 for our mobile and Facebook versions of sites, so this web version will be an extension of that, but take it far beyond.

So later this year, we will be updating Moonfruit so that sites can be published in HTML5 for web and tablets (though you'll be able to keep the Flash version if you want).

And this is what it will look like as our example site goes from Flash to HTML5 (watch closely!)

Spot the difference

Flash version

HTML version

Yes, you spotted it, the font changes slightly. This highlights one of the lingering issues with HTML5 is that fonts are treated slightly differently than in Flash. This is something that we will be working on, but may be one area you'll need to tweak if you want to use the HTML5 version for your site.

So when's it coming? We would expect the HTML5 site display to ship in Q3 this year, after the summer. We've been working towards this for quite a long time now with changes having begun in 2010 to reorganise the way we store data about your site so that we could choose to display it in different formats for web, mobile and Facebook. The HTML5 site display will be the another point on our journey to 'publish once, be everywhere'.

So to recap. In Q3 2012 Moonfruit users will have the option to display their sites in HTML5 by default. New sites from this time will automatically be displayed in HTML5. We've made this decision because HTML5 is the future of web development, and now supports the richness we need for beautiful Moonfruit websites.