We know this will disappoint those of you waiting for the next phase of our v6 rollout, but we’ve had to revise the schedule to account for extra work needed to make the next release as robust as it can be. We really appreciate that many of you depend on Moonfruit to reach your customers and process sales - our aim, as always, is to develop the best product to allow you to do this.

We’d like to assure you that we’re doing everything we can to bring the next releases and upgrade option to you as soon as possible. What we don’t want to do, however, is jeopardise the quality of the new coding that will support your new v6 sites and the features they’re set to benefit from.

Software development involves complex and sometimes unpredictable processes and we admit this journey has been more complicated than we first expected it to be.

To put things in context, we’re creating a brand new product and it’s therefore a huge undertaking. We’re updating code that hasn’t changed in 10 years and the new code we’re writing will live for an equally long time, so we need to build a solid foundation for it.

The Early Access Preview (EAP) that many of you have been using (and enjoying – see below for what people have been saying) has flagged up some additional issues that will be ironed out for the next release.

To push the new software out before it’s ready would run the risk of you suffering with major bugs and other technical issues. We’re future-proofing the software to prevent you from experiencing these further down the line.

Revised rollout

Beta release: Late-February

  • Shop
  • Drop-down menus
  • New templates
  • Mobile view options
  • Login widget
  • Snippet widget on the Page Master

Upgrade Beta release: Late March/early April

  • Convert/Upgrade existing sites from v5 (Flash) to v6 (HTML5) - (*expected delivery April)
  • Enhanced HTML Snippet widget in v6 - (*expected after Upgrade Release)

Other features including improved forms and the blog will follow.

What you’ll get with the Beta release in late-February:

HTML5 Shop

Menu Settings

Mobile Settings

Feedback on the v6 EAP so far:

More than 3,000 sites have been created using the v6 EAP to date and the feedback so far has been incredibly positive and encouraging.

Here’s what some of you have been saying:

"The nature of v6 is just fantastic. With the web pages being loaded so much faster, my browser is loving me. In fact, I think we’re going to be dating tomorrow night and perhaps we’ll grab a byte to eat"

"I’ve just had a fiddle around and I have to say this is looking spot on! You pull this off....it’s going to be an insane tool!!!!"

"One of my sites has been picked up by Google within half-an-hour of submission which is brilliant"

"The text box is BRILLIANT - worth the update for that alone!"

"Looking good so far and love the fact that you can choose the font style for the menu"

"I'm very grateful to have upgraded recently and feel honoured to be experiencing the EAP. The features presented in this first release are already sufficient for my plans. Everything's perfect, thanks!"

"I already absolutely love Moonfruit. As a one-man-band, I couldn't have created such a large site without it. It's always been a compromise that it's been flash based (one I was willing to accept) - so the introduction of HTML5 is just brilliant. Well done!"

"I love the new menu options and that the feature can be easily edited in the page master. The preview screen tab is in the perfect spot, that is, off of the site’s real estate versus having to exit out of the old one to uncover the upper-right corner of the site"

"If I consider everything that Moonfruit has to offer, it's well worth the wait!!"

Create a v6 (EAP) website

Remember, if you want to create a v6 website now, you can do – you just won’t be able to include a shop or blog at this stage (you will be able to with the forthcoming releases).

Here’s what Nombo Parfo, our v6 (EAP) competition winner managed to create with it: www.solarsystem.moonfruit.com

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