The term gets bandied around quite a bit, but what does it actually mean? The Design Council defines branding as ‘an attempt to harness, generate, influence and control the associations of a brand to help the business perform better.’ Here we explore some of the most important things to consider when branding your company, with examples of Moonfruiters we think are getting it right.


Vision and brand values

Having a well-thought-out vision for your business will help you come up with a strategy and determine the smaller goals that will help you achieve it. For example, if you’re aiming at getting your bakes sold in a particular café, you could start by offering them free samples to spread the word about your baking skills.

Similarly, having a defined set of values is important – people are more interested in eating ethically sourced goods and organic foods than ever before, and if this is a value your company is passionate about, make sure you highlight this on your website.

Love Baker proudly displays the fact that they make items to order, using no unnatural preservatives or chemicals in their pates and preserves – a reassuring note for potential customers.


Logo and business name

Having a recognisable name and logo will help you make your business stand out from similar companies. It’s the thing that’s seen most frequently by the greatest number of people. So make sure it’s unique and reflects your company’s ethics and values.

Moonfruiters The Rebel Bakery express their rebellious personality through their logo as well as their business name. This theme is consistent across all communications, but it's their logo that really sets them apart from other bakers – the kooky images and bold colours give the company a striking identity and make the products identifiably theirs.



They say never judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to food packaging that’s exactly what we do. Think of it as the final touches on a showstopping cake - you wouldn’t go and spoil it with a terrible icing job would you? How you present your bakes is therefore crucial, and with so many products on the shelves, unique packaging is a great way to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Scarlet Bakes combines the fun of home-baking with the ease of ready-made baking mixtures. Its packaging displays the contents of the mixtures in neat layers in re-usable jars.


If you’re an artisan baker, however, less can be more – simple packaging with special touches such as parcel wrap with a coloured ribbon can be just as effective.

The personal touch

Add a personal touch by including photos and information about the person behind the baking – it’s interesting for visitors to your website, and also makes it easier to build client relationships if you have an approachable ‘about me’ page.

Truly Treats’ page features photos of the team selling at events and includes a brief bio – allowing visitors to get a sense of who they are, both as a team and a brand.

Miss Poppy Cakes’ inclusion of a page titled ‘My Kitchen’ features recipes and step-by-step images of the processes involved. The images are taken by her as she’s baking and offer viewers a sneak-peek into her kitchen and the methods she uses.



It’s vital that you display your products to best effect - if you’ve put the hours in to create the ultimate croquembouche, make sure visitors to your website see it that way.

Lightbox Gallery

Our new Lightbox gallery displays images at their best and will ensure your visitors can appreciate the intricate details on that wedding cake you made with the sugar-spun butterflies. The images displayed are larger and of higher resolution than the previous gallery, and navigation is also improved.



We might be stating the obvious here, but in case you haven’t already made use of it, the shop is another great way to showcase your products. It’s the online equivalent of a shop window for visitors to peruse your creations. It’s also a great place to include detailed product information. Even if you don’t make it transactional, potential customers will want to know your prices without having to contact you.


Forms and templates


Wufoo is a widget that enables you to create and include forms on your site. It’s free and easy to use, so we recommend you use it to add a contact form to allow potential customers to get in touch with you hassle-free. You can match the forms with the colour scheme of your site and specify what questions it asks, so it shouldn't appear out of place.



Don’t have time to design your own site from scratch? Get a head-start with these ready-baked templates…


Moonfruiters Peace Love Dessert use The Cakery theme with a few clever customisations to make them stand out.


Baking inspiration

We came across so many fantastic sites during Cakes & Bakes Month, we thought we'd share a few more with you… Bite-sized cakes, because good things come in small packages. Vegan-friendly treats, dairy and animal-product free. Baked treats for dogs, 'cause man's best friend deserves a treat too.

Do you have a cake or baking website you'd like to share? How have you personalised your brand? Did you find this guide helpful? Let us know by commenting below. And let us know if you have any ideas for groups we should feature next.


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