Our brand new v6 Beta software is blossoming with each day and today sees the launch of some great new features.

You can now access new link buttons, navigation menus and shop category menus via the File Manager in your v6 Beta site.

These improvements mean you can insert menu and link buttons with ease and have more control over the fonts, colours, shapes, sizes and styles you use to make them fit the theme of your site.

Here’s how it all looks when you’re in the v6 software...

Link Buttons

Create buttons that are perfectly in tune with the rest of your site using our improved customisation tools, or choose from a range of pre-set styles – the choice is yours. With full styling options unleashed, you can change the text, colour, size and shape of the buttons, including the padding, corner radius and borders.


When naming your buttons you can choose from a range of fonts and control the style to match your site.


Choose from a range of pre-set button styles available in the File Manager (and you can find a new link button shortcut in the Insert menu).



Menus are the vehicles that your visitors use to navigate your website, so the more you can customise them to suit your products and content, the better.

You’ll be pleased to hear that v6 now offers much more flexibility when it comes to menus and shop category menus.


You can now choose from an extensive selection of shop category menu styles.


You can even control what menu options you show to your visitors – just add a menu and use the drop-down feature to choose what to display.



So there you have it – get yourself familiar with the new features and let us know how you get on.

Even if you don’t yet have a v6 Beta website, all v5 users can still start a new v6 site (either in your existing account or by creating a new free account) and get to know the new features in the meantime, minimising the time you’ll need to spend on that kind of thing if you upgrade your existing v5 site in future.

Look out for our update on the v6 upgrade feature on Tuesday.

Start a new v6 site:

To start a new v6 site, create an account (if you don't already have one), then select 'Add a site' in your account dashboard and choose 'v6’ when given the option. Visit www.moonfruit.com to find out how to create a new site.

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