Are you ready for the biggest shopping season of the year?

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It might be a bit too early to hang the stockings by the fire (not much longer though, phew!), but it’s not too soon to think about capturing the imaginations of new and loyal customers alike.

There appears to be a general agreement out there that 2014 is the year of me-commerce. The pun may be painful, but the sentiment is right. Customers now expect more than ever from their online retailers. They want that feeling of being a valued individual, rather than just another registered click on the merchant’s annual sales spreadsheet.

With the introduction of promo codes we hope you’ll be able to come up with some excellent ways of attracting new customers and keeping your loyal patrons happy with deals that they can’t refuse. Setting up the promo code(s) on your site is only the first step – you also need to shout about it. There are a few ways to do this – you just need to think of the type of offer you are going to run.



Create a way for your customers to sign up for regular updates about your site and products. Christmas is the perfect time to catch those shoppers who are attracted to your store looking for the perfect gift, and being able to contact your customers is a fantastic way to keep that relationship going. We recently wrote a blog post about embedding ‘Mail Chimp’, the fantastic email marketing tool, onto your site (you can read more here). Why not setup an automatic email for new sign ups, who could then receive a % discount just for handing over their email address!



Limited time offers

Put your discount up front and centre on your homepage. This kind of offer is particularly attractive to the cautious shopper – a one day money off offer? Take my money now! It’s a great way of making a difficult decision a no-brainer.

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Mark your calendar

You’ve decided on an offer, added the code to your site (Guide here) and have your promotions ready to go – what now? You need to consider the right time to market your promotions. With Christmas fast approaching, you have plenty of dates worth considering – we’ve included some key dates in the shopping calendar below:

Black Friday, 28th November

The first big shopping day racing towards us at the speed of Santa’s sleigh is ‘Black Friday’. Although it started in America, it has also been enthusiastically embraced by UK shoppers on the lookout for a bargain. The Telegraph has an excellent article about the heady expectations of ‘Black Friday’.


Cyber Monday, 1st December

Following hot on the heels of ‘Black Friday’ is ‘Cyber Monday’, a day of deals and discounts more geared towards online stores (the BEST way to avoid those awkward face-offs over the last ‘Frozen’ Elsa doll!). It is expected that more than £450 million will be spent on ‘Cyber Monday’ in the UK alone – don’t be left behind, get started with your promotion as soon as possible!

Post Dates

Having had a huge number of sales you now have a giant pile of parcels to mail out to your eager customers. But have you checked the last post-dates to ensure that your customers receive their packages in time for Christmas? You can find these important dates from your regional mail delivery service, I’ve included a few examples below:






Do you have any tips to share for running your online shop in the run up to Christmas? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. Veronika Oster

    Hello Steven,
    The post contains truly practical points to put in action. Festive seasons are the great way to get more business than any other period of the year. I pretty much like the point of limited offers because we all know that it is a human nature that he/she wants to acquire that thing which will not be accessible to them after a particular time. So in my opinion it is the best point to implement and to get more benefits in the business of online shop.


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