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Fat guy from Jurassic park dies (or has he?), Alan Turing, minimal design and a really cute hopping dog! Welcome to our new feature looking at all the cool stuff doing the rounds at Moonfruit HQ (Don’t worry, we have been working too). Every Friday we’re going to bring you our latest findings in the world of tech, design and whatever tickles our fancy. So, what has been going on this week?


The latest happenings in the world of technology:

Smartphones are so last year

There’s a whole new generation of gadgets already set to steal the spot light. What comes after the smartphone? – CNN

Alan Turing honoured

Data institute named after the mathematician, computer pioneer and code breaking hero Alan Turing. Alan Turing institute – BBC Dennis Nedry lives!  Yep, despite the best efforts of dinosaurs and Internet scamps, actor Wayne Knight is still with us. Check out the weird, and profitable world of celebrity death hoaxes below. Celebrity death hoaxes – Washington post

What effect does the Internet have on your memory?

We’re becoming information gannets apparently. Is the Internet changing our memory? – Laughing squid


Awesome design and inspiration:

Flat design

Wait! Don’t emboss or add shade to that font before you read this. Simple, elegant and flat – The Next web

Minimal film posters

Simple, alternative designs for all your favourite films. Why can’t the official posters be like these? – Minimal film posters

Random fun stuff

Well, it is nearly the weekend:

Flappy bird returns!

Huzzah! A few months after its creator withdrew it from the App store, the infuriating and highly addictive game returns. Flapping back – CNN

Internet Meme ‘Blob fish’ becomes a toy

Ever wanted to buy your very own ‘Blob fish’. Well, you’re in luck weirdo. Cuddly Blob fish in the shops – Boing boing

Christopher Walken dances

Ace compilation of the movie lunatic, watch smuggler and surprisingly good dancer. ©miramaxfilms Go Walken, go – Huffington post

Puppy hops like bunny

Just…Awwww  He thinks he’s a rabbit – Laughing squid


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