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HTML5 Update: Our roll-out plan


NB. Article update - 20th December 2012:

Release 2 will now be made available in the New Year. We’re working to incorporate as much community feedback as possible for the Beta (Release 2) and are focused on making features you’ve requested, such as the shop and blog, available as soon as possible in the New Year.

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Mon, 6 Aug 2012


Mon, 6 Aug 2012, 15:36

Perl and HTML Application Developer

We are currently engineering the next generation of our software to deliver websites in HTML, targeting a spectrum of devices from desktop computers to tablets and smartphones. We are looking for a Perl and HTML Application Developer to join our new dedicated Platform Team responsible for underpinning our application with a strong foundation for growth. The Perl and HTML Application Developer will take responsibility for the architecture and implementation of system tools relating to the platform from user interface through business logic down to the data layer, the development of service components within the platform including the platform's system API, and helping to evolve the platform generally as a performant, concurrent, resilient and scalable Service-Oriented Architecture.

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Wed, 2 Feb 2011


Wed, 2 Feb 2011, 11:10

Let's try that again – New release 2nd Feb 2011!!

And this time it's working! There has been a huge amount of work that has gone into this release as some of the core parts of the Moonfruit data structure have been rewritten to support the mobile HTML roadmap (V1.0 in this release) and the new Blog and e-commerce features that will follow (blog first, then e-commerce).

Mobile HTML version (V1.0)

So a large part of the work in the past 6 months has been in setting up the technology so that we can display your sites in the full Flash version (as before), a desktop HTML version (if you don't have Flash), and now a mobile HTML version (which is optimised for the small screen). We'll publish a dedicated article on just this topic in the next couple of days, but below is an idea of how the sites look in the different versions.


The mobile optimised version is a single column render of your site in HTML. This allows the content to be displayed as a long vertical list which is easier to read and the user can scroll down through the objects on the page. The site navigation is done by a roll out menu, so the majority of the screen space is dedicated to your content.

This is Version 1.0 of the mobile HMTL and we will continue to upgrade it over the coming months. If you have cases where you think the mobile version is not displaying the right content in the right order, let us know and we'll add it to our test cases. We'll also add specific mobile styling into future releases to give you more options for customising it.

NB. If you are looking through the HTML version on your mobile and see a page with no contents in it, just refresh the page and it will then display the contents correctly. This 'empty page' will only happen the very first time a page is visited following this new release, so it won't happen for all users and will happen only once.


The new shapes widgets allow you to apply effects, fills and gradients to a variety of different shape objects. These are seriously useful for customising the basic design of your site. We'll be looking to add this kind of functionality to other objects in the coming months, including text boxes, images and the blog, all of which will benefit from the improved design you can achieve with it.


Let us know how you get on with them and the kinds of things you use them for.

No background option

We've added a new setting to allow you to turn off the Flash background of your site so that the HTML background is shown across the full browser. This allows you to achieve the 'full screen image' or 'chunky header/footer' styles that are common in the new contemporary web look and feel. How about a full screen image, shove in a few rounded corner shapes with drop shadow under your text boxes for legibility and bish-bash-bosh there you have it ;-)


And before you ask, tiling options for your background image will follow shortly ;-)

That's it for now. We regret we can't bring you the blog at the same time, but there's a bit more work to do on that. 2010 was a big year for us in terms of investment in the infrastructure to make certain features possible, and 2011 will be the year when all these features start hitting the streets. Expect a lot more from us in 2011. We expect more from ourselves.

Mon, 13 Dec 2010


Mon, 13 Dec 2010, 12:03

Release update - Mobile HTML, Shapes, Blog, etc.

Just to give you all an update on progress and expectations for the next release. We were prepping to have a release ready for the end of the year, but we won’t release it until early in January. We generally try to avoid releases too close to Christmas before many of the developers go away. The last thing we want is to find unexpected bugs that we can’t fix quickly which cause you grief.

This January release will include the first version of the new mobile optimised HTML, some improvements to the desktop HTML (current HTML version), and some forerunners to the full blog release, e.g. new shapes components (including gradients, images fills, effects like drop shadows, etc. - see below) and a few other bits and pieces. There is also quite a big change to the way we store data. The full blog will come out a few weeks later.

We are choosing to do the release in 2 parts as there is a lot going into it and it’s much easier to manage this way. We appreciate this means the blog will be later than you expected, but we hoped to whet your appetite with some of these changes sooner rather than later, and the mobile HTML improvements will be in this first release.

In the meantime, here’s a few examples of the kinds of things the new shapes objects can do that will really open up some of the design possibilities in your sites...

New Shapes

All of these are achieved using the new basic 'shapes', with a number of effects, fills and gradients applied to them which are part of the shape settings. So the design possibilities are pretty wide ranging!

Stars - using 2 semi-transparent gradient fills, with thick border and blur effect on star shapes

Swiss cheese - using bevel border with blur, and multiple shapes aligned to appear to be one layer

Cute - Eiffel Tower has a flat image fill, chunky white border and drop shadow, while the girl has a chunky dotted yellow border and pink/purple drop shadow

Splat - a borderless image fill (car), with 2 transparent PNG 'splats' in brown and white, positioned to create a contrast

Tue, 8 Dec 2009


Tue, 8 Dec 2009, 13:37

Cool shops on Moonfruit using the HTML widget

Well, we told you the HTML widget would open up new possibilities for e-commerce. And it looks like a few of our cutting edge users have started to integrate full-blown Amazon stores into their Moonfruit websites. Clever them ;-)

Of course this won't stop us working on our own e-commerce upgrade which is due out mid next year, but it certainly gives you something to get on with.

The Strictly Swimming home page with large shop link

So how have they done this?

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Tue, 29 Sep 2009


Tue, 29 Sep 2009, 10:00

New release - 29 September 2009 - New interface, HTML widget, site copy and more...

Yeah, it's release time again! Believe it or not we get just as excited as you do at these times. The months of hard work all come together and we get to push new things out to the Moonfruit-osphere. And this one is a biggy too.

So first things first, the new interface. For those of you who didn't see our sneak preview, this is what it looks like.

General edit functions (click to enlarge image).

We're seeing the largest overhaul to the edit environment in the last 5 years as we drag SiteMaker kicking and screaming into the present and pave the way for the future. The long awaited HTML widget is now out of beta, works in all browsers (ooooohh), and opens up libraries of additional content. And you can now copy an entire site too...

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Tue, 17 Mar 2009


Tue, 17 Mar 2009, 10:40

HTML widget - what have you found?

So, it's been a month or so since we released the alpha (early testing) version of the HTML widget. We've had nearly 250 people download and try out the widget in our website builder from our site labs.moonfruit.com, so we know you've been using it. But the thing we want to know is what have you been using it for?

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Fri, 6 Feb 2009


Fri, 6 Feb 2009, 08:09

Remember we said HTML was impossible - well maybe not completely impossible...

Joe: Here is a true account from the development team of what happens when you leave them by themselves for a week, as told by Adam (one of our dev guys). Perhaps we should leave them alone more often...

Adam: So there we were, back from our Christmas holidays and nary a manager in sight. 'Organise yourselves this week' they said, giving the tech team free reign to work together and see what we could come up with. And what a week it turned out to be.

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Thu, 15 Jan 2009


Thu, 15 Jan 2009, 17:21

SiteMaker and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - Part VII - Taxi Royal

Another year, another Rambo movie (yawn), another Pixar movie - Wall-E (nice), and another Batman movie (yeah!!!). So what else is 'same, same but different', as they say in Thailand, this year? A year on and it was time to revisit our favourite taxi company - Joe's West London Taxis - and see how it was doing in the Search Engine rankings.

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Thu, 1 Jan 2009


Thu, 1 Jan 2009, 00:15

Did We Really Do All That? 2008 - Not a Bad Vintage

Wow, what a year it's been. When we sat down and looked back at what he had done this year we were quite surprised. So we thought we'd give you a summary of all the changes and improvements we made to SiteMaker during 2008, as we'd even forgotten about a few of them ourselves!

Here they are in the order they arrived. My haven't we been busy...

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