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How to master SEO and make it work for you

Struggling with search engine optimisation? Moonfruit’s James Rice explains why it’s so darn important, how to choose your keywords and beyond in the second of our Boxpark pop-up talks.

Google Analytics

How to set up Google Analytics in 7 moves

Track how many people visit your site, where they live, how long they spend on a given page and what pages they prefer using Google Analytics and our set-up guide.

website in google

Getting your website to appear on Google in 7 steps

Internal link structure, choosing keywords, indexed pages, XML Sitemaps… it’s all covered in our step-by-step instructions on getting your site to the top of Google search results.

How to optimise website content for SEO

7 strategies to optimise your content for SEO

Get your site to the top of the search engine listings with robust SEO – we’re talking optimising images, videos, audio and presentations too, not just text.