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Mon, 17 Feb 2014


Mon, 17 Feb 2014, 12:01

Moonfruit on TV - Kennedy City Bicycles

The next featured customer who shone in our TV ad is James Kennedy - an entrepreneur who successfully turned his hobby into a business. He chatted to us about what made him become his own boss and trying to keep a straight face on camera...


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Mon, 3 Feb 2014


Mon, 3 Feb 2014, 10:15

Moonfruit at Boxpark: We're open!

Want to see other customers’ handiwork? Longing to learn more about business social media? For three months, we’re over at Boxpark in east London to show off what some of you guys make and do, host a few workshops and generally make some noise about our website builder.


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Fri, 30 Aug 2013


Fri, 30 Aug 2013, 10:33

Made with Moonfruit: The New England Shop

Category: Homewares
Style: Rustic charm
Standout features: Light touch design that reflects the brand


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Thu, 30 Aug 2012


Thu, 30 Aug 2012, 14:00

New Tutorial Videos

The beady eyed amongst you may have spotted that we released 5 new video tutorials recently, ranging from How-to’s on design to linking and organising your sites, and they include:

Setting up a Facebook shop

Set Up Shop

Customising your shop images


Align and distribute tools


You can access all of these tutorials and many more at moonfruit.com/tutorials

There is also direct access to the videos available when editing your websites, simply click the Help icon on the right hand side of the toolbar and select the 'Video Tutorials' option.

We love getting feedback from you guys, so let us know what you think about these videos and/or any more you would like to see added in the future.

Mon, 20 Aug 2012


Mon, 20 Aug 2012, 16:40

My Moonfruit Experience - Goose Home & Garden

Here at Moonfruit we are very community focused and we like to learn about our users and their experiences with us. We decided to share what we discovered about Paul and Sarah Kingston, owners of Goose Home and Garden, a beautiful vintage homeware site which recently won our Site of the Week competition.

Moonfruit experience_Home&Garden

The couple have been running their business from their shop unit and through various fairs in the south of England for over 20 years. However, they recently decided to embrace technology and the 21st century and set up an online store in order to reach customers from further afield. They began building their website 6 months ago, and it took them 2 months to complete it, working around their busy early morning hunts through antique fairs in England and France.

oonfruit experience_Home&Garden_multi

The pair decided on Moonfruit after looking at various do-it-yourself website builders as they believed that Moonfruit gave the most flexible options. They had a clear idea of how they wanted the design of the site to end up, i.e. a vintage style which reflected the look of their products. Paul was the primary designer and liked how Moonfruit allowed the user to build their own pages and also mix them with the present template pages. The couple confirm that the whole design process was very straightforward and enjoyable, finding the editing tools easy to use. They did encounter the odd frustrating moments along the way too, which they openly admit were down to their limited computer knowledge, but the response from friends and family has made all their effort worthwhile. Everyone has been extremely positive, comments Sarah, mentioning that some were shocked when the couple revealed that they had built and designed it themselves, simply because of how professional it looked.

The couple affirm that they have really enjoyed their design experience and now feel like they are part of the Moonfruit community that has been established over the years. The duo revealed how the Support page's Forum was especially useful in helping to create their site, reading what other users have said to find answers to their questions and they also mention that the interaction on the social media pages has been quick and friendly.

Moonfruit experience_Home&Garden_site

So, what do the pair think of us overall? Paul and Sarah said that they would happily recommend Moonfruit to anyone thinking of building their own site, which is very high praise indeed! Check out their website at goosehomeandgarden.com If you would like to share your very own Moonfruit experiences with us, please feel free to get in touch by emailing hello@moonfruit.com.

Thu, 16 Aug 2012


Thu, 16 Aug 2012, 10:50

Product Uplift on Max

We have some exciting news! Due to the continued acceleration of global e-commerce, and in celebration of so many of your shops and boutiques performing exceptionally well, we have upped the limit of products that our power users can have from 500 to 1000! Yes, that’s right; we have doubled the Max product limits! This update is available to users on the Max and above packages only. So, if you are currently on one of our lighter packages but like the sound of 1000 products, along with other benefits received by our Max product, check out our product pricing today.

So, what are the benefits for those of you who are already on Max?

As Max and above users, we understand that you are looking for the best of everything that a D-I-Y web builder can provide, and that your websites are obviously of great importance. With the option now to add so many more products to your shops or add even more new ones to your current collections, we hope that it will enable your shops to continue to flourish, keeping you ahead of competitors whilst also enabling you to keep up with your customer demands. Don’t forget that you still have 50 variants within each product too which equates to even more item choice!

Not on a Max price plan?

The Max package provides our optimum website building experience for Moonfruit users. If you’re looking to expand smaller shops then this is the plan for you! The new product increase will benefit all users who want their shops to grow whilst staying on top of your customer’s requirements. Combine the product increase with the already existing 50 variables option within each product, e.g. five size variants and ten colour variants on your single plain T-shirt product, you can start to get an idea of the value that this package can offer. This and many other features on our Max package enable users to be at the forefront of the D-I-Y web building world. Check them out at www.moonfruit.com/pricing

We are, as ever, eager to hear your views and opinions on the releases that we make, and any suggestions you may have for future updates, so please let us know your thoughts!

Tue, 7 Aug 2012


Tue, 7 Aug 2012, 12:18

Shipping and Stock Management Arrive!

This is the release that many of you have been waiting for. Not only have we improved shipping options for you, we have also squeezed in automatic stock management as well!

Up until now, our shipping provided basic functionality allowing users to set one price for domestic and one price for international shipping. While this still worked very well for a large number of our customers it was only the first step to providing more flexible and functional shipping options. So, with the new release, you can now add regions as well as a variety of shipping options to each of those regions. For example, you could set up two regions, UK and Ireland, both with sub-options, each with their own specific shipping costs: Next Day, 1st Class, 2nd Class, Courier etc for the UK, and Air, Surface, Express for Ireland. This can be repeated for other regions such as Europe, Rest of World etc.

More Flexible Shipping Options

As well as regions, we have also introduced shipping by price range and per item. Many of you asked if there was a way to offer free postage for goods purchased over a certain price level - well, now there is. You can now specify how much shipping will cost for a specific range e.g. From £0-£50 is £5 P&P, and From £50 onwards is £0.00 (free). This enables you to reward loyal or high spending customers.

Add to that ‘additional item’ shipping fees which provide you with more flexibility in passing shipping costs on to your customers- they can be charged for each additional item in their basket, e.g base shipping price £4.00 +£1.00 for each additional item.

Additional Item Shipping Control

Another of our big updates this release, is that we've also introduced the ability to automatically manage your stock. This was another big request from customers and we're now really excited to be able to provide this much needed feature. This works by specifying how many items you have of a specific item or product. If you are listing something that comes in a range of colours or sizes, you can also specify stock limits by colour or size e.g. 4 smalls, 3 mediums, 2 larges and 1 extra large. Once the item sells out in a specific size or colour, the option will still show in the drop-down, but with "Sold out" next to it.

Stock Management

We would love to hear how you are finding the new features and whether you feel this has made an impact on your shop. As always, we welcome your feedback in order to improve and develop the Moonfruit platform.

Stock Management - Email Notification

What's Next

We are still hard at work with the HTML5 functionality, but along the way we shall also be adding a new lightbox style pop up gallery, (similar to the product image gallery) which will allow for greater design flexibility when displaying the images on your sites.The lightbox style makes your image the main focus of the page, dimming out the background and allowing viewers to examine the image without distraction.

That's all for now folks, we are as ever, always keen to hear any suggestions from yourselves also, so do let us know if you have any feedback.

Mon, 25 Jun 2012


Mon, 25 Jun 2012, 16:22

New Facebook Layout

You may have noticed that Facebook have made changes to their appearance by adopting their 'Timeline' view across all aspects of the site. So, in order to keep the Facebook version of your shop looking amazing, we have made some changes to make the most of the updates.

MF Pop up Shop

Your shop categories will now show on the left hand side (instead of a drop down on the right hand side) for easier and clearer navigation. You will also notice that due to Facebook's changes, there is no longer the left hand side bar, simplifying the page.

MF Checkout

Along with these changes, we have improved our shop editor. You will have an improved previewing of your shop and the ability to add upload your shop icon directly from the editor.

Facebook Admin Shop

Overall, the new layout should improve user experience and therefore making it easier for your customers to purchase through Facebook.

Shop Update: Product Variants

Since October last year the ShopBuilder has gone from strength to strength and our customers have now built over 135,000 shops. There are already 168,552 products on sale. As Leila mentioned in an earlier blog we have been taking your recommendations on board for which features you'd like to see next and Product Variants (Options) came top of the list. Thanks to your feedback, today we pushed out an update that now allows you to apply variations to all your products e.g colour, range, size etc.


To update your shop to use variants, you need to use the update tab on the Editor for each ShopBuilder section. If you've not done this before it's very straightforward. Go to your shop page whilst logged in, click the shop on the page so it's highlighted and then go to the Editor. Click on the Update tab and click on the Update widget button. And then Save your page. You'll need to do this for the four sections (Product Catalog, Product Detail, Shopping Cart and Sale Confirmation) which you can work through using the drop down on the toolbar.

ShopBuilder Update Tab
Getting the new updates is easy

Adding variations is also very easy. Go to your Product List on the Shop section and edit that product. You will now see a section in the middle called Product Options which allows you set up product options or variations up to a maximum of 50 per product.

Product Variants in Editor
How you set up variants within the Editor

So not only does this give you more flexibility over the products you sell, allow you to add one base product and offer a range of variations, but it also means, for example, that if you run a Standard account you can run a shop that offers up to 2500 different items or units for sale (50 products x 50 variations).

Product Variants in View
How your customers will see variants in action on your website

As with other features of the ShopBuilder, Product Variations will also appear on your Mobile Shop and your Facebook Shop (where they've been set up correctly).


Now, for the eagle-eyed amongst you, who spotted the bonus feature?

We managed to sneak in Duplicate a Product to the release. This will make it easier for our shop builders to easily copy a product which you can then modify or adapt as you see fit on your Product List. Using the Edit drop-down for each product you can quickly copy a product into your Product List.

Duplicate Product
Duplicating an existing product is now very simple

So, what's next?

Well, the next release is very exciting and will see our first version of the mobile editor going out the door. The editor will give you access to mobile version styling (colours) and include/exclude content from the mobile version. For those of you who consider mobile technology to be a key channel to visitors accessing your sites, this tool will give you more control. Obviously the HTML5 work will provide even greater benefits but that won't hit the streets until Q3.

So, what's next for the shop? We've had some great feedback from our customers and we now wish to find out what the next most important feature is for you to have added to the ShopBuilder. We have selected the next top 3 requested features that we keep hearing again and again, but we'd like to get more specific feedback on what we build next. So if you want to have your say on what shop feature you'd like to see developed next please cast your vote in our quick and simple survey. So, over to you.

Lastly, what we have fixed!

We fixed a number of bugs in this release, many of which were minor. The headline bug fixes were:

  • Google Webmaster Tools verification code is again being added to the HTML
  • You can now scroll again in edit mode across all supported browsers
  • Facebook Shop image popup gallery is now working correctly again

And that's another release.

Wed, 1 Feb 2012


Wed, 1 Feb 2012, 14:31

Easily Create a Website with Moonfruit

This article by Sam Cater originally appeared in AppStorm

Many tools and packages exist online to help people create websites with minimal effort and involvement. Of course, each one has their own strengths and weaknesses. Some are more aimed at creating blogs, while others are better for single-page info sites.

Moonfruit is another competitor in this market. It looks stylish, promises to be simple, and … you do want to create a new site, right? So what does it have to offer, and what are its pros and cons? Lets take a look…

Making Creativity Easy

Moonfruit is designed for people with absolutely no web design experience. It attempts to give small business owners and individuals easy access to web management and creative tools. So without further ado, lets take a look at the site itself.

Choosing a template to work with

The first step in creating a site is choosing one of hundreds of themes as a starting point. From there it’s a case of altering and tweaking pretty much everything you see into a website that you would use to represent yourself.

The tools in the editor are very simple and easy to use, which is great because that’s exactly what people need. The elements, contents and formatting can be added and removed in a way that resembles Word or Publisher, so most people will feel comfortable using it. Moonfruit effectively turns a website into a page-by-page online document, where everything you see is configurable and can be adjusted as required.

The Editor window - More tools are made visible by selecting the categories at the top.

The content of the site has been intelligently and automatically mobile optimized.

A very useful feature Moonfruit has is automatic optimization of your site for mobile viewers. You don’t even have to configure or enable this, it’s there from the word go, no plugins, or code to meddle with. It didn’t show the Gallery image you can in these screenshots, however I am sure that this is solvable. Mobile-optimization is important these days, as with the growth of smartphone and tablet computer popularity, more and more views may come from such devices.

Another factor that would definitely make Moonfruit appealing to people who want a hassle-free experience is that the hosting and domain settings are handled for you. No FTP client is required, and there are no HTML or CSS files to manage. The web interface handles it all. On the subject of domains, you can link one you own to Moonfruit in a matter of minutes. They guide you through the process of changing address records with the company you purchased the domain from and so forth. You can also use Moonfruit to register a new domain if you so wished.

The social aspect of a websites? They are included too, with Twitter integration, RSS feeds, comment boxes, forum backends, and chat widgets.


Free website? Why thank you, yes.

They start you out on a 15 Day Free trial with 20MB of storage space. For any more space than this you have to crack open your wallet.

I chose the trial at first, and was expecting to have a really restricted interface and being prompted to pay for extra features. However when I signed in a popup box asked if I wanted to continue my 15 day trial, or keep a site for free. I clicked free, and the only condition is that I have to sign in every six months to keep the site ‘active’. Seemed like a good deal to me.

Obviously if you want a site for small businesses and enterprises you are going to have to break the 20MB limit, but for individuals or small groups it seems you can have a website on Moonfruit for nothing.


There are several pieces of functionality you can add into your website if so required, such as a blog, or even a shop.


The blog interface is very simplistic, offering only minimal functionality. What you see in this screenshot is all that you get. However for those of you familiar with feature-rich WordPress, remember that this entire service is geared towards people looking for straightforwardness and simplicity. Whilst it may look pretty bare, this is all that a blogger really needs. Three design modes are offered, Text, Image, and Article, so it definitely won’t be replacing WordPress any time soon.

For the original article, please click here

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