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Tue, 8 Apr 2014


Tue, 8 Apr 2014, 11:50

Master SEO (finally) and make it work for you

Struggling with search engine optimisation? Moonfruit's James Rice explains why it's so darn important, how to choose your keywords and beyond in the second of our Boxpark pop-up talks.

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Fri, 28 Mar 2014


Fri, 28 Mar 2014, 11:43

How it's done: Creating animated banners

Flashing, jumping, bounding across the screen with grace and poise. How the heck do you create an animated banner? Well, Moonfruit customer, radio DJ and audio auteur Ian Pinnell gives the lowdown on putting jiggle in your wibble (ummm....website). 

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Thu, 27 Feb 2014


Thu, 27 Feb 2014, 10:30

Moonfruit on YouTube - Reasons to follow us

Business inspiration, stories from other Moonfruiters, product tutorials, behind-the-scenes madness... you name it, you'll find it on our YouTube channel. Subscribe now to get in on the action!


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Fri, 31 Jan 2014


Fri, 31 Jan 2014, 10:58

Founders' Font of Knowledge Part 1 - What small business trends will we see this year?

Having started Moonfruit back in 1999, our founders know a thing or two about business. Find out what Wendy, Joe and Eirik expect to see in the world of small business in 2014 by watching the first episode of our new video series Founders’ Font of Knowledge.

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Thu, 28 Nov 2013


Thu, 28 Nov 2013, 12:29

In Your Dreams - Made With Moonfruit Video #1

Keen to find out more about our lovely customers, we've been out and about visiting them in their home/work studios. First up: Madeline Griffiths, co-founder of In Your Dreams. She's one half of the face-painting and embellished lash duo making their mark on festivals and events across the country, from Secret Garden Party to Strictly Come Dancing.

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Thu, 7 Nov 2013


Thu, 7 Nov 2013, 11:21

New and improved v6 Image Gallery

We’ve been under the hood making a few improvements to the v6 Image Gallery, which is now better than ever! It’s quicker and easier to use and allows you to organise your images just by dragging and dropping them into place.

Check out our full how-to video for a guide to getting going...

(Mac users - please note that the 'delete' key doesn't work on a Mac. To remove an image on a Mac you'll need to hit the trash icon on the editor panel)

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Mon, 29 Jul 2013


Mon, 29 Jul 2013, 16:10

Peddle your wares on the #MoonfruitCatwalk for the chance to win £500 Net-A-Porter or Mr Porter vouchers

*Competition now closed*

And the winner is... Etrala London, whose Vine entry showcased their handmade and eco-friendly classy clobber beautifully. Congratulations! See their entry here

Moonfruit Catwalk comp 1

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Thu, 30 Aug 2012


Thu, 30 Aug 2012, 14:00

New Tutorial Videos

The beady eyed amongst you may have spotted that we released 5 new video tutorials recently, ranging from How-to’s on design to linking and organising your sites, and they include:

Setting up a Facebook shop

Set Up Shop

Customising your shop images


Align and distribute tools


You can access all of these tutorials and many more at moonfruit.com/tutorials

There is also direct access to the videos available when editing your websites, simply click the Help icon on the right hand side of the toolbar and select the 'Video Tutorials' option.

We love getting feedback from you guys, so let us know what you think about these videos and/or any more you would like to see added in the future.

Wed, 30 May 2012


Wed, 30 May 2012, 10:42

A 'Helpful' Release

We are pleased to announce that our latest release is now live. Not only do we have new and improved distribute and align tools to make it easier for you to layout your page more accurately, we have also introduced a shiny new Help menu in the editor, to help you find answers to your questions quicker and more easily.

If you are new to Moonfruit (or currently on a Trial account), we have introduced a 'Quick Tour' to guide you through the main aspects of the editor and make it easier for you to begin building your site. There were also some bug fixes carried out in this release.

Align and distribute

The align and distribute feature has been added to the 'Edit' menu and this will help speed up the layout process.

Align and Distribute

New Help Menu

The new Help menu is the blue icon that can be found on the right hand side of the toolbar. The dropdown contains an integrated FAQ search, which will allow you to find answers to most of your site building questions. Links to user guides and our new video tutorials can also be found under the new Help menu. You can see a list of our new video tutorials below.

Help Menu

Quick Tour for New Customers and Trialists

To get our new customers kicked off as easily and quickly as possible, we have introduced our 'Quick Tour' to highlight the most important features on our editor. Click through the steps to learn how to start building your site in a jiffy!


Video Tutorials

Many of you have been asking for video tutorials to accompany our written guides. We recently launched our first set of twelve new video tutorials:

  • Designing a shop
  • Adding and editing images
  • Cropping images
  • How to edit your Logo
  • Adding a YouTube video
  • Adding a Google Map
  • Site size and wallpaper
  • Adding links
  • Editing your mobile site
  • Set up shop
  • Adding categories to your shop
  • Adding a blog post

As well as the videos above, we also have an Introduction to ShopBuilder and a working demo of the much anticipated HTML 5 version, which will be released later this year. And that's all for the moment. The Dev team is still working hard on delivering more features over the coming months, plus they're still aiming to provide some ShopBuilder updates (stock control and shipping) in July.