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Fri, 8 Mar 2013


Fri, 8 Mar 2013, 15:13

Women in business – miles to go before we sleep?

Today is International Women’s Day (IWD) – a time for women from all over the world to collectively celebrate the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. The event has been running since the early 1900s, at a time when women were experiencing great cultural, political and social adjustments. As we look to celebrate in 2013, a hundred years on, it’s fair to say that there have been further monumental changes, a significant one being the role of women in business.

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Mon, 11 Jul 2011


Mon, 11 Jul 2011, 15:55

Geeky world of IT loses its appeal as a career choice

The participation of women in technology appears to be falling. In the UK, women accounted for just 18 per cent of technology professionals in 2010, down from 22 per cent in 2001.

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