Random round-up: What’s hot, what’s not and what’s odd in the world of tech, design and pop culture

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This week: Microsoft calls time on XP, Heartbleed attacks, PicMonkey and the culinary delights of Chunk from ‘The Goonies’.

Sit back, relax and thank God it’s Friday as we delve into this week’s randomness:

The end of Microsoft XP – BBC

Thirteen years after its release, Microsoft stops supporting XP.

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Just what is Heartbleed? – Wired

Find out how this week’s bug broke the Internet and why it was so scary.

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Digitally age your face from just one photograph – Gizmodo

Want to know what you’ll look like at 80? Of course you do.


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Blackberry to wind down handset production? – Gizmodo

It could be the end of the once popular phone, if the latest rumblings from Blackberry HQ are to be believed.

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Edit images and create great montages with this awesome and free image tool.





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The evolving purpose of design – Forbes

Good aesthetics aren’t always secondary to functionally in great design.

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How fonts are created – Fast Company

See how designers create new fonts from scratch.


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Twitter redesigns profile pages – The Guardian

…And managed to upset a few people while doing it.

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Did you know that YouTube secretly created every meme ever? – Huffington Post

Belated April fool post, but it’s a good one.



Chunk’s diet – Bon appetite

Learn how to get your ‘Truffle shuffle’ on by eating the same food as Goonies fave Chunk….You’ll have to find your own Sloth though.


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Weird light photographed on Mars – Boing Boing

Sun reflecting of shiny rock or exhaust port for an underground alien base? (Crosses fingers and wishes for alien base).


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Game of Goats – YouTube

Screaming goats sing (kind of) the Game of Thrones theme.


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