What a year!

What a year!

2007 was quite a big year for SiteMaker, as far as features, fixes and new widgets flying off the shelves were concerned.

The highlights

New features and widgets – Google site search, comments widget, mail to a friend, copy & paste, new forum, themeable technology across several widgets, multiple select, a lot more new media, new advanced (fully configurable) form

Improved features – More disk space, more templates, page permissions and ordering, enhanced tables, rebuilt chat widget, FAQ search, text formatting

SEO – Published HTML now W3C compliant, Google Webmaster tools (Verify), auto-generation of a sitemap file

Below you will find our 2007 release dates with a more detailed list of the main components for each of those releases:

14 February 2007

We added new templates, a downloadable font picker in PDF

We made improvements to the Flash detection system and publishing of alternative content for sites

Improvements to the video player controls and better feed back when video feed fails

FavIcon selection now more flexible

Improved management of page permissions

Popup gallery now closes correctly when changing pages

Enabled jukebox player to continue playing when viewing a slide show

Toolbar login now identifies correct user

Using ‘Del’ when editing text will only delete the selected text and not the object

Fixed the disappearing ‘Multiple File Upload’ button in Internet Explorer

30 April 2007

Table enhancements – better text selection while editing, plus new ‘table’ templates including a new folder with useful pre-built tables

Google Site Search: visitors can search your site using Google search (as long as your site has been indexed by Google)

Increased disk space – on all SiteMaker accounts

Positional page adding – permits changing of page order in menu

New FAQs

Member edit bug – members can now user the File Manager correctly

Colour editor – typing in alpha value to HSV tab now updates the selected object

Black Juke Box – now works correctly on the Page Master

17 May 2007

Added Comment widget (with RSS feed)

Added Mail to a Friend widget – so visitors can mail your URL to other people

Membership enabled for all packages

Kewego added to the video widget – now adds videos from www.kewego.com

Site HTML (published automatically behind the site’s web pages now W3C compliant – passes W3C compliance, so now much better for SEO

New Press section on moonfruit.com

Widget names can now be changed in the selection label

Video/images sizing bug has been fixed

21 June 2007

Rebuilt the Chat widget – allowing live chats to be hosted on a site

SiteMaker caching – better management of application files to speed up loading of sites

Usability improvements to text boxes

Improved FAQ search

Pages panel with 500+ pages – no longer generates “script running slowly” error

Improved thumbnail quality for uploaded GIFs

Object rotation – angle field now works correctly

Group emails – now sent from site name/site email address not username/user email

21 August 2007

Added Copy & Paste – paste (duplicate) object on same page at new position

Added Copy & Paste – paste object on new page at original position (paste in place)

Added new design templates

Fix for Myspace videos which will now consistently load

Video player will no longer display ‘buffering’ (and hang) at the end of play back

Audio from video will now stop when navigating to other pages

Fix for double pages loading (stacking on same page) – after using rapid menu clicks

Images can now be loaded directly into widgets e.g. image effects, slide show, polaroid tool

Link buttons now display correct name after link added e.g. site name, email address, page name

24 October 2007

Added new Forum – enabling variable resizing, setting permissions and edit rights for moderators, locking of subjects, searching of all posts, and RSS feeds for all topics

Added new Theme technology allowing easy customisation of widget appearance – applied to new Forum, Comment, Mail to a friend, Chat

Added Multiple select – using click and drag over multiple objects, holding the ‘control’ or ‘shift’ keys and clicking on objects to add or remove from selection, or using ‘Select All’ from the ‘Edit’ menu

Enabled Multiple Select so user can drag objects as a group, nudge using the arrow keys, delete, and copy and paste (even between pages!)

Added new media – including: 40 new fonts, 15 new crop tools, 40 new graphic elements, symbols and logos

20th Dec 2007

Added new Advanced Form – themeable, providing customisable fields and boxes, plus required fields and validation, emails sent from the person filling in the form, and data is saved for downloading in CSV

Support for Google Webmaster tools – Google Verify can be enabled

Automatic generation of sitemap file for website – which will be picked up by search engines

Text formatting – justified (proportional spacing) text now supported in standard fonts

File downloads in IE7 no longer show an error message

Updates to moonfruit.com including new design templates, better navigation, quicker access to the Forum and the Moonfruit Blog.

We’ve looked back over the last 12 months and the whole team are very pleased with what we’ve achieved. Obviously, with what we released last year, we set a precedent for delivering a lot of good features, minimising bugs, and improving communications. So, hang on to your hats, 2008 should be even better!

Andy Siddons
Content Writer

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