New to v6: Want to add HTML snippets to your blog posts?

HTML update

Well, this has all the makings of your lucky day.

Dazzle your followers with videos, news feeds, slideshows and more as the HTML snippet widget becomes part of the blog tool.


For anyone unfamiliar with the HTML widget, it’s one of our most popular tools, which  allows you to add bits of HTML code to your website.

So, say you want to embed a YouTube clip on a webpage, you would copy and paste the video code via the widget. Visitors can then view the clip without leaving the page.

Well, we’ve now integrated that into the blog, so you can share YouTube, SoundCloud, galleries etc…in your blog posts.

Sound OK?

Well, that’s not all we’ve got for you this week:

Menu update

You can  now access the ‘Page organiser’ by double clicking the menu. More convenient for editing and a great time saver.


And, add a new menu through ‘Insert’-> ‘Menu’.


Then, drum roll please?

Add Alt tags to image filled shapes

Due to popular demand, we’ve now enabled Alt tags to image fills.  This means if you add an image to any shape, you can now include a nice little description explaining what the pic is all about.

This is also a big benefit for SEO and the ongoing battle for a place in search engine listings.

Image fill alt tags

To find out more and to try out these sweet new features, just follow the links below.

Adding HTML widgets to the blog

Editing the menu

Editing Shapes

Like to try them but don’t have a website yet? Step this way…


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23 Responses to “New to v6: Want to add HTML snippets to your blog posts?”

  1. Christa Wojo

    What a nice surprise! This will make Moonfruit blogs more competitive with WordPress and other platforms. Thanks, guys! And keep up the good work :)

  2. Eka

    This is a good one. Thank you.

    Now its time to have a blog widget where we can place on home page. It should has a feature where we can select a tag so it will only show related posts or all all post. If you relase this feature than it would be quite competitive with wordpress.

    Dou you have such a release in your pipeline? İf not what are the upcoming releases?

    • Steven

      Hi Eka,

      You can place your blog on any page of your site that you would like. You can just open up the ‘Organise your pages’ menu, then drag the blog to the position you want it in and rename the page as appropriate.

      With regard to tags, I have passed your feedback on to our developers.



  3. Eka

    What are the upcoming updates? Can you please give us a info about it please? Is membership for v6 in your pipeline?

  4. lotusleaf

    Adding alt tags to image fill is a big bonus for me – many thanks to the team!

  5. Ameet


    Are there any plans to be able to embed youtube videos into a blog post?

    My blog is a video based one but at the moment i don’t have a proper blog on moon fruit as i can’t embed videos – so i have to create a new page for each posting.



    • Steven

      Hi Ameet,

      You can indeed embed YouTube videos using the blog, thats what this HTML snippet function enables you to do. Just get the ‘embed’ code from the YouTube video and use it with the blog as per the above guide.



  6. Taka


    It has been very long since from the last update. When do you plan to release next update and what are these updates?

    • Steven

      Hi guys,

      I can confirm that discount/coupon codes are in production. Although the development process is subject to change quite quickly we expect an initial release of the functionality in the next 2 months. We will of course post more information closer to release :)

      That’s the only release I’m able to confirm for the time being.



    • Steven

      Hi Ryan,

      The only update I can currently confirm is the discount/coupon code functionality. We’ll post more about future updates when the information is available.



  7. James

    Is there the remotest possibility that anyone at MF is going to release updates that you promised best part of years ago such as membership… infact almost any of the V5 functionality. Please provide a pipeline with DATES!

    • Steven

      Hi James,

      The only update I am able to confirm currently is the discount/coupon code functionality. I assure you we will post more information as soon as we can about future updates.



  8. Taka

    Moonfruit used to give more direct and friendly answer to our questions. They were sincere and blunt while they are replying questions in forums. And I was loving it and tell it to everyone that they should manage their customer relations like moon fruit.

    Unfortunately, After they got investment, things changed. Now they are acting like politician and replying every question very diplomatic.

    As I told above They were brave and hearty. I miss old team :(

    For god sake, it is just updates. Why are you guys very nervous about update questions ?

    Plus you start to discard some comments here and never approve if you don’t like. Some of my comments never been approved. I don’t even know if you approve this comment as well…

    Ps. I am with moonfruit more than 10 years and older than most of you guys. So consider my comments

  9. James


    I am in multiple years and this is getting ridiculous, a coupon or discount is a day or so of coding, what the hell are they doing. It is to be noted that Hibu (used to be yellow pages) has no income and is going down the pipe as far as I can see. So the real reason is buying MF was a desperate attempt to resurrect a business that failed fundamentally to move with the times. The absence of basic features offered by any competitor is best evidence of the failing business that is Moonfruit.

    What is interesting I have been trying to get weebly bus dev to contact me but they do not respond either!

  10. Dino

    As much as rulers and guidelines may prove useful to some I really can’t imagine that this was in the “most requested” list by users of MF.

    I think the most requested item is the membership features from what I am reading on the forums. Just saying.


    • Amita Parikh

      Hi Dino
      Thanks for your feedback. When we’re trying to prioritise which features to develop, we have to take into account our whole user base. For example, users with a shop would likely prioritise promo codes over a new blog feature, but that doesn’t mean the addition to the blog is pointless for everyone. We do our best to deliver what we can but it’s not possible to please everyone. I’m sorry we’ve let you down. I don’t have a date for when the membership feature will be available but we’ll definitely announce it on the blog when it is. I’ve also passed on your feedback to the development team.
      Thank you

  11. Taka

    Almost 6 months from the last update… Are you guys sure moonfruit has staff for development?


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