Fully Formed: The contact form comes full circle


Check boxes and radio buttons complete the line up

Yep, development of the v6 contact form draws to an end (for now at least) with the introduction of the much missed check boxes and radio buttons.

Form Form

So, there we go. One fully functioning form, courtesy of our lovely development team.

To find out more head on over to our help section, and to see how far our little form has come, check out the re-cap below…

And, of course leave your comments below. As we said, this is the end of current development, while we focus on other features, but suggestions for future additions are still welcome.

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10 Responses to “Fully Formed: The contact form comes full circle”

  1. John

    Why have I apparently still only got the old standard form? I don’t see any way to get the options box as above.

  2. John

    OK, just realised that it required a double click on the form to get the menu. That was obvious, NOT!

    And is that it?
    No editing of fonts or font colours, no background colours, nothing!
    Or have I missed something else, I hope?

  3. Stefan

    Any news when the form will be OK to use for us international users that requiered forms with other language than english??

    When will it be possible ti change “requiered” text and “submit” text.


    • Steven

      Hi Stefan,

      I still do not have a date for this, but we’ll be sure to post here on the blog once the functionality has been added.

      As an alternative, some users have added additional labels (using a text box) to point users in the right direction with the ‘submit’ button. Not ideal, but a suitable workaround.



  4. Darren

    Hi there. I’ve recently converted over to V6 and have added the contact form, but I’ve noticed one odd thing. The old V5 form would forward their messages to me, as if it was sent from their own email addresses… so I could just click ‘reply’ and get back to them. But now on this V6 form, the messages come from MY OWN email address. From me to me. So I have to go into their message… copy and paste their email addresses, click reply.. paste it it.. make sure I’ve done it right… then reply to them. It’s just a bit of a pain when you get a few. Is there any fix to this? Thanks :)


    • Amita Parikh

      Hi Darren,
      Apologies for the delay in responding. It’s unfortunately not possible to hit ‘reply’ within the email from the form submission and have it automatically insert the sender’s email address. You’d need to keep copying and pasting. I will pass this on to the development team though. In the future, it’s best to submit a support ticket for any technical or billing related queries.

  5. Anthony

    I like the form but disappointed that you are not able to reduce the size of the form as it no longer fits the sections of my website I have the form in. Please can you get this included in the next update.

    • Amita Parikh

      Hi Anthony
      Thanks, I will pass it on but as with all things, we have to prioritise feature updates and changes. To that end I can’t promise it will be done in the next update. Thanks for the feedback.


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