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Moonfruit mobile editor

A lot of you have requested to have more control over how your site looks on mobile devices. For months now, our team have been working really hard on this feature and I’m pleased to announce that our mobile editor has now been launched!

As you know, our aim is to allow our customers to build their site once and publish it on all platforms i.e. computer, tablet and mobile. With the mobile editor, our code translates your website the way it sees best and then presents it on a mobile screen in your browser. You can then customise your site by changing colours, arranging the order of elements and providing the ability to hide and unhide elements on the page – giving you more control.

Here’s how it works in more detail….

Change the colour of your text and background to make your site stand out.

You can also arrange your pictures/page elements in the order you would like them to be viewed by your visitors. This is more limited on the blog and shop pages, however, you can still play around with the elements on a page.

Moonfruit mobile site

Hide and unhide elements on a page to make it more appealing.

Mobile eye icon

All of this is part of our ongoing multi-platform strategy that truly allows you to ‘publish once, be everywhere’. This is why we started seamlessly rebuilding the technology behind your site back in 2010, which will culminate towards the end of this year with the new HTML 5 full site publishing option. This mobile release is on that roadmap and adds a bit more zing to your mobile site, all in crisp new HTML 5.

What are you waiting for?! Take control of your mobile site today!

Andy Siddons
Content Writer

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