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In the past few months we have focused on bringing a selection of new apps to the editor. We thought we’d do a recap of the current apps to integrate your social channels and additional features into your site! We’ve added five to the editor this week, including:

Additionally, here are a few from last month…

Have a click through the links above to find out how to integrate them into your site.


App vs. snippet – what’s the difference?

You may currently use the snippet widget via the Insert tab to add third party code to your sites. Some third party features are not possible to embed using the snippet widget with the standard embed code provided by them. Apps provide a solution to this and can be added without embed code at all – rather, with a URL or simply a username.

Additionally, we have included customisation options to some apps, enabling you to change the colour and style of the app directly through the editor. Apps also consume far less server resources, which brings the added benefit of faster loading times compared to the original snippet widget!


What we’re working on…

Apps to be released in the next few weeks include:

  • Facebook Comment – Comment box for visitors to post using their Facebook account.
  • Facebook Page
  • MailChimp – Newsletter signup form.
  • Wufoo – Customisable form.
  • PhotoSnack – Photo slideshow.
  • Twitter Timeline

We will be continuing to add new apps to the editor and would love your feedback on these, plus suggestions for future releases. If you have any comments, please add them to our feature request area here.



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