The Moonfruit v6 Beta has landed – get your shop on!

moonfruit beta v6

We have some great news for those of you waiting patiently for the second phase of our HTML5-powered Moonfruit v6 rollout: the Beta has landed! And you can now get your shop on!

As you know, we released the Early Access Preview (EAP) of our brand new HTML5-powered software in November last year and those who wanted to try it out have been doing so over the past few months. While the EAP enabled you to start a new website using the new tablet-friendly software, a number of features weren’t yet available, including the ShopBuilder. Today’s launch of the Beta version of the software changes that. If you’ve already built or are planning to build a v6 site, you can now add a shop along with numerous other features.

Here’s what’s now available in the Moonfruit v6 Beta…

The Shop

This is the one you’ve been waiting for and we’re confident you’ll find it was worth the wait.

Build a shop with v6 and it will look as good across all devices – your customers will be able to shop on a tablet just as they would on a computer.

Drop-down menus

moonfruit shop

You can now add drop-down menus within your main menu – great for those of you with lots of different sections and subject categories.

What’s more, they’re fully customisable, so you can:

  • Use any font available in the font picker
  • Customise colours for ‘normal’, ‘rollover’ and ‘selected’ states
  • Set the corner radius, border size and padding

Shop categories and new menu widget

shop category menus

To create shop categories in v6, you can now use the new menu widget. All you need to do is add a menu to the shop page, select the ‘Setup’ tab, click the lock icon and choose the ‘Shop categories’ option in the dropdown (as shown in the image above).

Again, you can:

  • Use any font available in the font picker
  • Customise colours for ‘normal’, ‘rollover’ and ‘selected’ states
  • Set the corner radius, border size and padding

New link button

link button shop

Buttons in the shop use a new link button widget, as shown on the image above. The feature is also available in the File Manager as a widget so you can use it to create any other buttons you want to add to your site.

It’s fully customisable, so you can:

  • Use any font available in the font picker
  • Customise colours for ‘normal’ and ‘rollover’ states
  • Set the corner radius, border size and padding

Note: At the moment, the size of the button is determined by the padding values, but we’ll be looking at making it easier to resize in the future.

Expert tip

tab button style

In the ‘padding’ and ‘corner radius’ fields of the menu and link button, you can input multiple values separated by a space – one for each corner or side of the button. By doing this you can have even more control over the appearance. For example, you can create a tab-style menu (like the one in the image above) by setting rounded corners on the top and sharp on the bottom. You can also control the padding values in a similar way. At the moment this is hidden functionality but we thought we’d let you in on it and we’re working on making it more visible in future.

Improved Page Master access

page master access

With the new tabs you can:

  • Quickly switch between the ‘Page’ and ‘Page Master’
  • Easily edit your logo and menu
  • Do the above across all sidebars, not only under ‘Design’

New default title and body font style editor

body font style editor

Our new Default font styles editor will help you ensure the appearance of text boxes across your site are consistent.

You’ll find it under the ‘Design’ menu (In v5 it was located on the Global Design Settings panel) and with it you can:

  • Set title and body font style
  • Set colours
  • Set font size
  • Changing your default font style will update any existing text boxes (that are using the defaults), applies the style to all new text boxes added to the page and is also used by new pages added to your site.

Note: The position of the white cross-hair (page start point) is where new text boxes, widgets and new pages will be added to the site.

New settings for the mobile version of your site (also available in v5)

mobile view v6

With the new mobile settings you can:

  • Use the desktop version on your mobile by default for mobile visitors (Note: For v5 sites this will be the non-Flash Basic Text version of your site.)
  • Ensure your site appears consistent across all devices
  • Opt for the mobile-optimised version (this functionality remains and we’re planning to improve the experience in future)

New login pop-up box

new login pop up box

We’ve replaced the login widget and login page (v5) with a new login pop-up box. Just put ‘yourdomain.moonfruit.com/login’ in the address bar as you would do normally and you’ll be asked to log in.

Trying the v6 Beta

The Beta is now available to all existing users. To build a new Beta site click on the ‘Add site’ button from your Moonfruit dashboard. If you’re already using the EAP your site will be automatically updated with the features above.

Other v6 features in the pipeline

  • New templates – coming next week
  • Upgrade Beta release (ability to convert existing sites from v5 (Flash) to v6 (HTML5) – coming in April
  • Enhanced HTML Snippet widget
  • Improved forms
  • Blog

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