New Lightbox gallery now available


Easier to use, higher quality images, more control over thumbnail styles… these are just some of the benefits of our new Lightbox image gallery.

The gallery became available to all Moonfruit users this week as part of our staged roll-out of Moonfruit v6 – the new and improved version of our software. The gallery is available for customers using v5 as well as the new v6 Early Access Preview.

To start using the new gallery in v5: In edit mode select ‘Insert’ on the toolbar and then select ‘Image Gallery’ from the widgets.

See below for more details on how the new Lightbox gallery will improve your site. To view more gallery styles and effects visit our New Gallery Styles site. And please do let us know what you think by commenting below.

Lightbox Lightbox gallery Moonfruit


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2 Responses to “New Lightbox gallery now available”

  1. Asya Turkin

    When I try to edit my thumbnails, there is no option for cropping image or keeping the ratio. Which means some of my thumbnails are cut off and strangely positioned. How do I edit their position?

    • Steven

      Hi Asya,

      It should look exactly as it does in the article. Make sure that select the gallery with a single click (so the whole gallery is selected) then you will see the ‘Crop image’ / ‘Keep aspect ratio’ options. You can’t do this on an individual image thumbnail, only on the gallery as a whole.

      Cheers, Steven


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