Check it out! Rulers and guidelines are added to the tool box (v6)


Another often requested feature makes its debut

Yep, from today you can now align your content perfectly with our brand new ruler and guideline feature.

This great new addition makes designing your page layout easier, quicker and more professional than ever before. You can drag and drop multiple guidelines and ‘snap’ any object into position.

How do they work?

Really easily. Just log in to your website and enable the rulers on any page. Then,  drag the horizontal and vertical green guidelines onto the page and use them to plan your layout. So, say you have several text boxes on the page and want them all to line up; you would use the guidelines to make sure they all have the same starting point.

That’s it. Simple but incredibly useful for design.

To find out more and to try them out for yourself,  hit the link below.

How to use rulers and guide lines

Don’t have a site yet? Start for free today!

Note: This feature is only available in v6, so you will have to migrate to use it. Want to take a look at all the other good reasons to make the jump?

Andy Siddons
Content Writer

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8 Responses to “Check it out! Rulers and guidelines are added to the tool box (v6)”

  1. jenny

    fantastic! this is a much needed feature! Im planning a redesign and have been putting it off as it was so hard before without rulers & guides! thanks for adding it !x

    • Steven

      Hi Julie,

      You have plenty of storage space available on your account. Are there particular photos you are trying to add?



  2. Amy

    Love this new feature! It’s made page editing a lot easier, especially achieving consistency between pages without a template. Thanks Moonfruit!

  3. lotusleaf

    I’ve used the new rulers/guidelines a lot since they were launched and they’ve made life ever so much easier. How did I manage without them! A big thank you to the team.

  4. Krista

    When are we going to get another update or completion of V6? This post was the last update and it was in June of 2014. I thought the merger was a good thing and progress was going to be made and it’s only gotten worse since the sale.


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