Update to v6: YouTube, maps and forms


Following on from the recent forum update (found here), today we’re announcing functionality updates to forms, maps and YouTube videos on Moonfruit’s v6 platform.

First up, an oft-requested update to the contact form. Starting from today, you can edit the text of the ‘submit’ button. It’s a small change but one that will be welcomed by those using Moonfruit in alternative languages, or who just want a little extra customisation. When editing the form, all you need to do is double click the ‘submit’ button – and voila, you can change the text! You can now also reduce the width of the form more than was previously possible. The guide to using the Moonfruit contact form can be found here.

Submit button

Contact form update


We also have a small update to the Google maps widget. You can now search for an address, set the zoom level (with live preview) and resize the widget directly to get your map ‘just right’ – saving you time messing around with the width and height!


Google maps snidget

Google Maps widget


Finally, we have added a new YouTube widget. You can now add a video to your site using the YouTube video code, available from the ’embed’ option. All you need to do is paste/type the YouTube ID (Last sequence of the video URL, eg: http://youtube/6RWC7BSUseQB) into the box provided and hit ‘Apply’. You can then resize the video widget directly to make sure the video looks perfect on your site!


YouTube Widget

YouTube widget


The update is available now but you may need to log out, then back in again in order to see the changes!


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  1. Kaki

    Thx Steven. What a long behind the scene updates :) It has been almost a year moon fruit doesn’t release a good (big) update. Come on guys a lot of thing to catch up, finish this behind the scene updates asap


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