Early Access Preview for HTML5-powered Moonfruit v6

Early Access Preview of v6

HTML5 has been a hot topic for us this year, but there’s actually a lot more to the new and improved version of Moonfruit that we’ve been busily beavering away on.

The main (and most talked about) benefit of Moonfruit v6 is that your site will look as it should across different devices, including tablets. There will inevitably be slight variations in some cases depending on which browser version your site is viewed on – older browsers may display the layout and design slightly differently – but your website will essentially look the same on an iPad or Samsung Galaxy Note as it does on a PC or Mac.

But as we said, the new release isn’t just about HTML5. Moonfruit v6 also provides faster rendering, more options for formatting text, smoother scrolling in the blog, new menu widgets and numerous other feature improvements.

v6 features

What exactly is the Early Access Preview (EAP)?

It’s an early release of v6 that allows users to test performance in the real world, giving us the chance to gather feedback and give our development team time to apply the finishing touches for the next version.

The preview is available to Moonfruit customers who join via the link below and build a new site (the ability to upgrade existing sites will come at a later date – expected by January/February 2013).

Although this preview version isn’t feature-complete (no shop or blog yet), many of the core features have been improved, including what you’re able to do with text, images, links, menus, the gallery (now ‘lightbox’), and HTML snippet widgets.

The number of templates you can choose from to build a new site is limited at this stage. We’ll be adding more as we continue to develop v6.

v6 on iPad

Join the Early Access Preview

If you’re already a Moonfruit customer and you’d like to try out this preview, you need to join the v6 (EAP) and create a new site.


You could create a microsite to link to your existing main website. When we release the Upgrade Beta in January/February next year, you’ll be able to convert your existing website to v6 (see previous post for details).


You’ll only be able to create a new site if you haven’t reached the maximum number of sites available for your account. Customers using our ‘free’ or ‘lite’ packages will therefore need to create a new free account if they want to have a go, or delete their site if they want to build one using the v6 (EAP) on their existing account.

Your feedback

As mentioned above, this preview gives us the chance to gather feedback from you and develop the product further where necessary before releasing the next version – the Beta.

To find out what other EAP participants are saying and leave feedback of your own, please go to our dedicated Moonfruit  forum.

And if you don’t want to build your own new site yet, you can see an example of one we’ve just built here.

Updates to look out for

See our previous post for dates to look out for and details on when you can expect certain features.

We’ll also be launching a competition next week giving away an iPad mini for the best site created in our Early Access Preview. So keep your eyes peeled on our blog for details and, in the meantime, get thinking about what you might create and enter…

Article update – 28 November 2012: The iPad mini competition is now open. Find out how to enter

Join the v6 EAP

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