v6 update: Comments return to blogs and forms get stylish


Bloggers rejoice! Just a few weeks after the beta release, today brings the first update to the v6 blog.

As promised, you can now allow visitors to leave comments on your posts, bringing you and your visitors closer together.

For anyone who isn’t sure how the comments feature works, it basically allows followers of your blog to leave messages in response to what you’re putting out there.


Wait. You don’t want random people bothering you? Well, that’s fine too. You can manage and delete any message sent your way and can, of course, choose not to enable comments at all by managing the settings in the editing tool.

To find out more, just click the link below…

How to use the blog

Form styling

Not to be outdone, the contact form has some shiny new editing features too. So, what’s new? Well, you can now:

  •  Change the font on your labels (see below)
  • Add colour
  • Change the text size
  • Choose orientation of the layout
  • Dictate who receives the email submission for each form you add

So, if you want to add a bit of glam to the plain old grey form, just head over to our help section…

How to use the contact form

As usual there is still plenty to come for both features, so keep checking in, and if you have any cool suggestions of your own, just let us know in our comment section below.

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