Moonfruit v6 icon widgets, new page templates, Facebook shop fixes… Oh, and you can now migrate from v5 to v6!

migrate v5 to v6

Yes, yes, we know we’ve been calling it the ‘upgrade’ feature up until this point. But it’s actually more of a ‘migrate’ process, as you’ll be moving your sites from one technology to another.

Anyhoo, this is it – the day many of you have been waiting for has arrived and you can now begin the process of migrating your v5 site to our rather dazzling new v6 software. Exciting times!

But there’s more to this release than the eagerly anticipated migrate button – we’ve added new icon widgets, new site templates, new page templates, circles, radial gradients, and the Facebook shop is now fully functioning (following Facebook API changes that temporarily broke it for some users). We’ll do a bit of a show and tell with all these features later in the post.

Now though, here’s how the migrate process works. (Excuse the rough n ready nature of the video – we couldn’t wait to demo it for you and so spared the high production values…)

Migrate EAP

We’re pretty excited about this. For the uninitiated, an EAP is an Early Access Preview, which basically means that you have to ‘opt in’ to use the migrate tool (see button below), as we’ll continue to improve and add to it over the coming months.

With this in mind, there are a few things you need to consider carefully before you go ahead and migrate. Migration is a one-way process – you won’t be able to revert back to your v5 site. You can find the full details over on our forum, but here’s a brief overview.

You’ll have to do a bit of editing and reformatting once you’ve migrated. Flash (v5) and HTML5 (v6) are completely different technologies, so a perfect transition from one to the other is impossible without a little TLC post-migration. A bit like moving house – you have to take a little time to unpack, put things in their place and make it your dream home. Actually, that’s way bigger a job than this, but you get the picture.

Some features aren’t yet supported in the migrate EAP, including the blog, forms and membership. We’ll be adding them at a later stage. So, if your site has any of these unsupported features, you’ll have to make a call on whether to migrate now, or wait. (See the full list on our forum).

If you have a blog, form or membership feature and migrate now, there are a few options available to you:

– Add your existing blog/form/membership features back in at a later date – they won’t be lost in the migration and you can ‘hide’ the relevant pages temporarily until they’re supported (bear in mind that the features may not be direct replacements of those you have in v5, particularly with membership)

– Add a new blog or form – you can do so by adding a third-party widget for the form using the snippet widget, or by creating a blogging account with a platform such as Blogger or Tumblr and linking to it from your migrated v6 site. (Make sure you copy and save the blog content somewhere before migrating)

– Delete your blog/form/membership features, if you rarely use them and won’t miss them

As you can see, it’s pretty important that you carefully consider these points along with the full details on the forum before migrating. If you decide to join the EAP (button below) and migrate your site now, be sure to pay attention to the notes as you walk through the preview stages. For full details on how to migrate, visit our dedicated page on the forum. You might also find our customer case studies helpful – migrate case studies.

migrate button

Why migrate to v6?

The main (and most talked about) benefit of Moonfruit v6 is that your site will look as it should across different devices, including tablets such as iPads. There will inevitably be slight variations in some cases depending on which browser version your site is viewed on (older browsers may display the layout and design slightly differently), but your website will essentially look the same on an iPad (or any tablet) as it does on a PC or Mac. Moonfruit v6 also provides faster rendering, more options for formatting text, and numerous other feature improvements.

Other features in this release

New Icon widgets

A whopping 130 icons are now available in v6, ranging from Facebook, Twitter, email and shopping baskets, to arrows, edit, location and photo icons. You’ll find them in a folder on the file manager titled ‘icons’ (funnily enough). You can select and add them to the page like any other image.


Add circles, render circles and add radial gradients to shapes

If you’ve been dying to add some circles to your v6 site, now you can! As with any other shape, the circle can be used as a graphic layout element or image fill and is great for creating buttons, labels, price tags and the like. You can also now add radial gradients to any shape. Radial gradients give you more flexibility when creating shapes and are a quick and easy way to customise buttons.

v5 to v6 migrate

New page templates

We’ve introduced a range of new page templates to help you achieve the best layout for different sections of your site, including Gallery, Contact, About, Portfolio, and Project pages. By pre-filling the purpose of those pages, giving you a steer on what content you should include on that page, the templates will save you time and energy for getting creative with the rest of your site.

new page templates v6

New site templates

We’ve added eight new site templates for you to try. If you’re looking for a portfolio template try Catalogue, Folio, T N U, and Pen & Paper. For adventure-themed sites try Outland and Travel. Finally, Lightbox is a new events template and Elexur is a new shop template. Let us know how you get on if you give them a try.

new site preview

Facebook shop fixes

We’ve also made it even easier to set up your Facebook shop. You don’t have to create your own domain to use the Facebook functionality within the editor. When you configure your own custom domain, you can use the Facebook share and shop features without creating and configuring your own Facebook app.

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