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Hi all! Welcome to new :)

We are constantly improving the editing software to meet your evolving needs but we were conscious that we hadn’t upgraded for several years. After discussion with many of you, both old and new (some of our users have been with us from day dot!) and understanding more how you felt about Moonfruit, we embarked on a major redesign of the site.

New homepage

As you can see it’s not just a new website, but a new brand and reaffirmation of our intent to ‘democratise design online’. We recognise that you want control over how your site looks, and that you want better designed tools to build better designed sites for you and your businesses.

The big thing we heard from our customers was that you felt reassured that Moonfruit was there to support you with simple and effective technology that worked. You were reassured that the community was there to share tips and inspire each other. This created the environment that made using Moonfruit right for you. We also found that you were entrepreneurial and creative in everything you do. You want us to support you in crafting your customised online presence for your businesses and projects.
The logo design

Our logo reflects the craftsmanship, creativity and fun involved in using Moonfruit to build your websites. We took inspiration from Japanese block printing and system blueprints. And of course our ‘M’ mark!

Another piece of feedback you gave us was that using Moonfruit was fun and addictive itself. We wanted to reflect that more in too. We’ve made the process of setting up new sites much faster so that you can really jump straight into using the tool. We wanted to give new and existing users a more contemporary set of templates that use some of our newest design features. We’ll continue to add to these in the coming weeks, and we’d like to thank our template design partners that ranged from agencies to Moonfruit power users.

Visual account view

We’ve also brought to life the account view so that you see a visual ‘control centre’ of your sites with us. We’ll be building out more of the community tools on itself so it’s easier to share sites and inspiration among you. Seeing the screenshots of your sites as we started to generate them for this new view was actually quite an emotional moment for the team as it really brought to life the breadth and depth of the designs you have created, many of which we’d never seen before.

We’ve also integrated a new support knowledge base which combines our open community forums, Q&A and FAQ’s as well as an improved customer support system where you can track your tickets on a user basis.

The team at Moonfruit is itself a collective of developers, designers and entrepreneurs. We hope you enjoy using the site as much as we’ve enjoyed designing and building it over the past few months. Have fun and don’t forget to give us feedback in the community forums :) And watch this space for new product features which will be rolling out over the next few months …

Founder and CMO

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