4 Simple design ideas for your online portfolio

We’ve already explored the basics of a great portfolio website, but the presentation and design of the website itself can be just as important for impressing your prospective clients. In this post, we look at four exceptional examples of online portfolios and how you can create similar looks within the Moonfruit site builder. Read on for some design ideas to take your portfolio website to the next level.

Full screen slideshows

Slideshows are the perfect space-saving way to present your work full-size. Design studio Kati Forner showcase some of their projects with a beautiful full screen slideshow below. You can add a slideshow to your Moonfruit site and customise through the editor – including arrow design, speed, and auto-play options. Our slideshow app is responsive to ensure your images look great on every device.

Kati Forner | VIEW

Unique layouts

Create some visual interest by varying your page layout. Below, Put Put use both one and two column layouts to break their content into easy-to-consume blocks. Through the Moonfruit editor you can add section layouts with up to six columns. Moonfruit layouts are quick to stack and easy to fill with your own unique content.

Put Put | VIEW

Animation effects

Animation is a great way to immerse your site visitors and highlight specific content. Apply to a header or tagline shown in the below example from Rev to draw attention to your core message. Through the Moonfruit editor you can add hover or scroll animations to create smooth transitions between page sections.

Rev Studio | VIEW

Full width layouts

The homepage of designer Linn Fritz below uses a dynamic full-width grid layout to link to her individual projects. With any row selected in the Moonfruit editor, you can edit the width under the ‘Position’ settings.  Simply select the 100% width option for a modern, full screen look.

Linn Fritz | VIEW

You can build a beautiful responsive portfolio website with Moonfruit. Create slideshows, filmstrip galleries, and unique layouts – all with advanced design control.