5 Elements of effective and compelling homepage design

Is your homepage making the right first impression? In this post, we share some great homepage designs from across the web. As well as providing some creative inspiration for your Moonfruit website, we break some down and look at how specific page elements are used to communicate brand message and encourage action.

Zum Rosen | Boutique hotel

1. A striking header

Some of the most effective homepage hero (or header) sections include a value proposition, along with a supporting photo or illustration. A good value proposition will not only include what you do/offer, but also your unique differentiation – i.e. what sets you apart from the rest. Below, bloggers JO&SO use bold and modern typography for their simple yet compelling headline. This is paired with a full screen photo that adds a shot of personality to the page and supports their value proposition.

JO & SO | Bloggers

The New Work Project | Workspace

2. List of features

Underneath your header section, consider giving a brief overview of your services or product features. Invoicing tool Billdogg use stand-out subheadings below to highlight three main features of their software.  Laid out in an easy-to-skim format, feature lists will give your visitors a better understanding of what you can offer at a glance. Keep tone light and in the language of your prospective customers. For more on nailing your site copy, you can read 7 Tips for writing super compelling web copy.

Billdogg | Invoicing tool

3. Intuitive user journey

Your homepage should have a clear user journey and planned action for your visitor to take so they don’t get lost or overwhelmed. Spend some time thinking about what you want people to do when they visit your website. Is it to contact you, book an appointment online, or maybe to check out another page? Marketing tool Mailchimp include a single, bold “Sign up free” call-to-action button at the bottom of their homepage. After reading about Mailchimp, the user is guided into taking a specific action with no confusion or distractions.

Mailchimp | Email marketing software

Maray | Restaurant

4. Attention-grabbing forms

Forms are perfect for capturing emails of visitors interested in your company and products. A great example of a homepage form is shown below for mobile app Scrn. The headline is informative and contrasting colour captures the attention. Homepage lead generation forms are particularly useful for products, services or events in the pre-launch phase, competition landing pages, or for booking consultations/quotes.

Scrn | Mobile application

The Butler | Restaurant

5. Trust builders

Social proof is the idea that people change their behaviour depending on what others are doing. It’s important to incorporate social proof into your homepage, which you can do in a variety of ways – whether it be customer reviews, press mentions, or even celebrating milestones such as x number of customers or x years in business. Sydney-based restaurant The Butler include a press quote carousel on their homepage as a powerful way to build credibility.


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