5 Functional tips for better product photography

Studies have found that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and these visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text alone. Great imagery is therefore vital for presenting your products and brand as a whole in the best light. In this post, we share five ways to perfectly showcase your products through beautiful, professional imagery.

Start with the basics

When taking your photo, make sure it’s sharp and your product in focus. Instantly improve your photo-taking by using any obvious horizontal or vertical lines to line up your shot. Many cameras include a grid feature through the viewfinder settings, which you can use as a guide. Lastly, ensure flash is turned off to avoid over exposure. Find some good natural light to take your shots – such as near a window.

Show in context

Set the scene – using props, surfaces, or a styled room to complement your products and provide a sense of scale. Take inspirational shots of your product in use, or arrange amongst other things to capture the mood of your brand and the message you want to convey. @coconutcollab show their product in action above as part of a healthy breakfast bowl. Through a single image their audience will begin to associate the product with nutritious, natural eating.

Tell a story

Engage your audience by giving them an insight into your creative process. Use imagery to show how your product was created or to break down the ingredients. Highlight certain product features using close-ups focusing on the details you want to shout about. Brewery @jarrkombucha use photography below to call attention to their products’ natural ingredients as well as the selection of flavours available.

Keep it versatile

Take high quality images that provide a variety of options for cropping and resizing. This gives you the opportunity to reuse the photos for different things. Create a consistent brand by manipulating your images for posting across your social networks, or for different marketing materials – such as emails and promotional graphics.

Set a backdrop

Create your own backdrop to create a clean and consistent look to your product photos. Place a white paper ‘sweep’ behind and underneath your product to create a completely seamless background. Alternatively, draw your prospective customer’s attention with a vibrant block colour background. Below, the backdrops used by @propercorn are not only a nod to the brand’s colour palette but also a really effective method for showcasing their products in a fun and creative way.

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