5 Must-have apps for your responsive website

At Moonfruit, our aim is to make your website building experience as hassle-free as possible. Which is why we launched our app gallery – to provide a way for you to quickly and simply add extra functionality to your website. Apps are easier than ever to embed, and include a range of options – from music and video players, to search tools and banners.

So, what are our favourite apps of the moment and how do you go about adding them to your Moonfruit responsive pages? Read on for our top five.

Google Map

Add a map with pinned location using our Google Map app. Place the app on your page, add the address or postcode of the location you’d like to pin, then use the in-editor slider to set the zoom level for your map. Zoom setting ’17’ works well for a street view! Find the Google Map app under the ‘Tools’ category when you launch the app gallery.


Embed our advanced form app on your Contact us page. Choose from a variety of fields – from drop-down menus to file upload links, and all-important Captcha for anti-spam protection. Really make it your own with full customisation – including fonts, colours and labels. Find the Form app under the ‘Forms’ category when you launch the app gallery. You can also check out our dedicated form guide.


Share your social content with our Instagram app. Use the Instagram embed code to display your favourite photos in a handy content card with integrated Follow, Like and Comment buttons. Find the Instagram app under the ‘Social’ category when you launch the app gallery.


Let visitors stream tracks and playlists direct from your website using our Spotify app. Embed a player in seconds using the Spotify URI of your favourite track, album, playlist or even artist. Use our in-editor customisation tools to change your player size to the pixel – no coding required! Find the Spotify app under the ‘Music’ category when you launch the app gallery.


Add a Vimeo video player to your responsive page to promote your business and showcase what you do. With our app there’s no resizing necessary – videos will automatically snap to fit the size of the column you add to. Find the Vimeo app under the ‘Video’ category when you launch the app gallery.


Ready to give these apps a go? Build a fantastic responsive site with Moonfruit today!