6 Hidden features in the responsive page editor you should try today

As you create your new responsive website with Moonfruit, you should be getting more and more familiar with the new editing features. But some of them are a little less obvious than others – so we wanted to run through the top six lesser-known features you really should know about. Read on for some really handy Moonfruit features you can try out today.

1. Change element placement

Move any element – including text boxes, images and buttons – to another position on the page. With an element selected, click, hold and drag it to a new area on the page. If you drag to another column, row or section, the exact placement will be shown by a green line. Release to drop the element into the new position.

2. Copy sections or rows

Quickly create a duplicate of any section or row. This is a handy tool for one page websites, to give your site a cohesive feel. Click to select your section or row, then click the ‘Duplicate’ icon in the section/row tab (pictured below) to create an instant copy .

3. Switch block order

Want to change up the order of sections or columns on your pages? Try out the block arrangement tool. With any section, row or column selected, click the up and down arrows (or left and right for columns) on the block tab to rearrange them instantly.

4. Change column width

When you add a new block with two or more columns, you can change their width to suit you. With a column selected, hover your mouse to the right of the boundary line between the two columns (pictured below). You should see a blue margin appear. Click, hold and drag this line left or right to make the selected column narrower or wider.

5. Set styles to default

Set all elements within a section to default styling, ready for applying site-wide styles and colour themes to your website. Select a section, open the right sidebar and click the ‘Apply theme’ button. Now that your section styling is set to default, it will instantly take on any site-wide styling options you set through the global styling area!

6. Convert images to greyscale

Change your images to black and white using our image editing tool. Select any image element, open the right sidebar and change the saturation dropdown percentage to 0. Easy! From here you can also access other customisation options including contrast, brightness and lightbox feature – perfect for your portfolio site or gallery pages.


Now that you’ve learnt about some hidden features to really boost your productivity in the Moonfruit editor, it’s time to log into your site to test them out!

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