7 Tips for writing super compelling web copy

If you’re starting up a business this year and you need to build a website to grow your presence online, you’ll need to ensure that every word representing your business counts. There’s no doubting that in the digital age we have an ever-diminishing attention span when it comes to browsing online. It’s therefore vital to engage quickly with your website visitors and deliver a user experience that befits your brand.

With that in mind, here are seven great website copywriting tips that are sure to help your business find its online voice; turning visitors into customers and customers into brand advocates.

1. Don’t use four words when only one will do

As we’ve already touched upon, people’s attention spans online are shorter now than ever before. There’s no doubt that short, punchy sentences and paragraphs resonate better on landing pages. The art of copywriting is making it as easy as possible for readers to reach a level of empathy with your words; don’t complicate matters by convoluting your messaging.

2. Make your landing pages easy to skim

As much as we hate to admit it, the majority of visitors are unlikely to read your landing pages word-for-word. It’s far more likely that they will skim read through to find exactly what they are looking for. In order to make your landing pages skimmable, vary your formatting techniques with sub-headings, bulleted and numbered lists. You could also experiment with single-line paragraphs to single out calls to action.

3. Write for your audience, not Google

Google’s search engine algorithms are an altogether different beast to what they were even four or five years ago. Web copy no longer needs to involve 90% keyword stuffing; in fact, you’re far more likely to get a penalty from Google for focusing on keyword density alone. Traffic – and visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) – will come naturally providing that you write with authenticity and passion for your audience, not the search engines themselves.

Writing effective website copy is not about winning a literary prize; ultimately it’s about writing in a style that connects with your widest possible demographic.

4. Create a sense of demand

On revenue-driving pages of your new website it’s a good idea to generate a sense of demand in your products or services within your copy. Phrases such as ‘limited-time only’, ‘last-minute deals’ and ‘grab a bargain’ can influence a user to click that all-important ‘buy now’ button!

5. Use eye-catching sub-headings to emphasise key points

Sub-headings really are your best friend when it comes to making longer pieces of copy sing on screen. Benefit-laden sub-headings should be used to introduce each section. This places the power in the hands of the reader, allowing them to read through the sections – and benefits – most important to them.

6. Balance quality copy with quality imagery

There’s nothing better than complementing a fantastic page of copy with a stunning image to add context to what you’re trying to say. It’s also proven that the use of imagery to support blog posts and news articles makes them far more likely to be shared socially and gain traction – something to bear in mind if you are planning on writing a regular blog targeting your core demographic. Check out this post where we share some fantastic free stock image sites you can use to find the perfect photos to complement your copy: 9 Awesome free stock image websites.

7. Add some credence to your claims

It’s a certainty that for every visitor to your website that acts on emotion, there’ll be another visitor that acts with a greater sense of logic. Your web copy needs to cater for potential customers at both ends of the spectrum. By all means include benefits and features that will appeal to the emotional buyer, but don’t forget to use credible research data, statistics and even testimonials from previous customers to enhance your reputation and transparency.

The key to writing great copy is to put yourself in your customers’ shoes and write what you’d want to see.


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